Living up to its name as the ‘City of Temples’, Bangkok, Thailand is dotted with amazing temples with unique and truly eye-catching architectural design. Representing the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of Thailand and its people, these magnificent structures are not only pleasant to behold but interesting to get to know as well.

If you are traveling to Bangkok and wishing to see the wonders that it offers but has limited time, a visit through its Ancient City is the perfect activity for you! The Ancient City is a park and/or a museum set in a 320 acres of landscaped gardens that features replicas of Thailand’s historically significant structures, preserving its heritage, art, customs and culture. Notwithstanding the amazing parks and gardens, the temples and the architecture here are truly magnificent!

Browse through this Architectural Wonders at The Ancient City in Bangkok, Thailand and see what you might miss if you fail to visit this interesting and entertaining attraction!!!

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 17:00
Location: Samut Prakan, Bangpoo (less than one hour from downtown Bangkok)

1. Ho Kham, Lampang

Ho Kham, Lampang
Image By: Dany & Maryse

A gilded hall or golden pavilion, the Ho Kham was formerly used in as th official residence of the Royal Governor of the Lampang Province. The original house was pulled down about 30-50 years ago, but the replica at the Ancient City was modeled with the same structure of timber finely constructed in the northern style.

2. Prang Sam Yod

Prang Sam Yod, Lop Buri
Image By: Dany & Maryse

Prang Sam Yod, otherwise known as the Three Spired Sanctuary is originally located in the heart of Lop Buri Province. Made of laterite and shows the influence of Khmer art, the sanctuary is considered the art of the Lop Buri school.

3. Sanphet Prasat Palace

Sanphet Prasat Palace
Image By: Dany & Maryse

The Sanphet Prasat Palace was the principal palace in the early Ayutthaya period. The distinctive artistic style of the palace was later known as the Ayutthaya school with a tall cube rabbeted at each angle, and two wings adjacent to both sides of the central hall. The Palace was used in many important court and state ceremonies.

4. The Chedi of Cham Thewi

The Chedi of Cham Thewi
Image By: ZeePack

The Chedi is a square tower with 5 storeys and is formed like a stepped pyramid. Each storey has about 12 Buddha on it. These statues are Dvaravati and U-Thong arts and date back to the 9th and 10th century A.D.

5. The Footprint of the Lord Buddha

The Footprint of the Lord Buddha, Saraburi
Image By: quangas

Regarded as one of the most sacred places of Thailand, the Footprint of the Lord Buddha was built on top of a hill in Saraburi Province. The building was designed in the Ayutthaya art.

6. The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace
Image By: Images History

A cruciform build ing with large high roofs, the Dusit Maha Prasat Palace, also known as The Grand Palace, was built as an audience hall and was intended to be as large as the Suriyat Amarin Palace of Ayutthaya. Today, the Grand Palace is the only remaining example of the traditional Thai palace.

7. The Main Chedi of Wat Maha That, Sukhothai

The Main Chedi of Wat Maha That, Sukhothai
Image By: Dany & Maryse

Located originally in Wat Maha That and joining the wihan luang or grand hall, the Main Chedi of Wat Maha That, Sukhothai is made of brick and laterite. Each side of the square base, is ornamented with stucco motifs of walking Buddha image with palms pressed together. The replica at the Ancient City was constructed by reducing its actual size by three-fourths.

8. The Phra Kaew Pavilion

The Phra Kaew Pavilion
Image By: ctmlondon

The Phra Kaew Pavilion is an octagonally-shaped structure with carvings on a wooden door panel of a scripture cabinet of the Ayutthaya period. The Pavilion has elaborately embellished and painted with murals depicting the story of the Life of the Buddha, Jataka and the Three Worlds.

9. The Sukhothai Wihan

The Sukhothai Wihan
Image By: Dany & Maryse

Reconstructed based on archaeological and historical evidences, the Sukhothai Wihan has ceramic roof ornaments with a Buddha image modeled after the Walking Buddha Image from the niche in the north face of the mondop at Wat Traphang Thong Lang in Sukhothai.

10. Wat Chong Kham, Lampang

Wat Chong Kham, Lampang
Image By: Dany & Maryse

A Shan temple complex modeled after the Pagan architecture, the Wat Chong Kham, Lampang is made of teak wood, combines wihan, sala and monks living quarters in one building.

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