One of the most beautiful things that mother nature has indeed blessed the earth with are the amazing scenery all around us. Those that are important but still exudes amazing beauty that inspires the soft side in us. A lake is an example of nature’s beauty but with a purpose. Though of course, there are man-made lakes, they are still a sight to see particularly during nice weather where it gives off a peaceful and tranquil aura.

For those who love to travel and are fond of capturing serene moments with nature, these Beautiful Photos of the Lake compiles some great captures of photographers and travelers around the globe. After browsing through this collection, you may get the urge to go out and make some amazing shots of your own!!!

Kastoria Lake
Image By: sui400

Lake House
Image By: DLKopriva

The Lake
Image By: polarpoisson

Crater Lake, Winter
Image By: MarcAdamus

Lake Tahoe
Image By: P0RG

Moraine Lake
Image By: porbital

Image By: F1L1P

Lake Wichita
Image By: SublimeBudd

Nieslysz Lake
Image By: kwusherARTS

Beaver Lake
Image By: noelholland

By the lake
Image By: Brettc

Image By: minko2312

Blue Moment by the Lake
Image By: Pajunen

On the lake
Image By: LeGreg

Statlu Lake
Image By: jasonwilde

Moraine Lake
Image By: andyietok

Lake Louise in Morning Light
Image By: EvaMcDermott

Quarry Lake
Image By: OhEmGe3

Convict Lake Sunrise
Image By: porbital

Glacial lake
Image By: XanaduPhotography

The Lake
Image By: BadButNotSad

Sunday at the Lake
Image By: RoieG

Estaris Lake
Image By: Philippe-Albanel

A Reflection in a lake
Image By: arnaudperret

Lake Tahoe
Image By: JunKarlo

Annecy Lake, Autumn
Image By: FlorentCourty

Image By: pepej

Lake of the Shining Rocks
Image By: PaulBrozenich

Crater Lake
Image By: augustmobius

Image By: kkart

Trillium Lake
Image By: CezarMart

Image By: marschall196

Mono Lake
Image By: coulombic

Moraine Lake
Image By: mist0r

Mono Lake, Twilight
Image By: MarcAdamus

Lake Powell
Image By: tomaskaspar

Cryptic Lake
Image By: Lucycolt

Eastern Shore of Lake Tahoe2
Image By: mrgo1

black lake
Image By: arbebuk

Sunny Lake
Image By: hellfirediva

The lake
Image By: zewlean

Lake of Tranquility
Image By: nxxos

Lake Kirkpatrick
Image By: chrisgin

Maligne Lake
Image By: GoTcHaSuCcA

Mountain lake
Image By: martinmajer

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