The temples in Thailand plays an important role in the everyday life of the Thai people. For most citizens of Thailand, the temple is a sanctuary and the place to worship, merit making, prey to the Buddha for things such as good health, good fortune and wealth and to seek advice from monks.

Thai temples are called “Wat’, and are spread out all over the country. Each of these temples are uniquely designed which makes it one of the most interesting spots to visit when you’re in Thailand. These are considered to be a unique part of the capital’s heart and soul.

Tourists visiting Thailand usually come home with amazing pictures of the temples they came across and the unique stories that they have experienced. This next collection of Extraordinary Images of Thai Temples is a great compilation of some of the most astonishing pictures taken of the temples. Browse through them!!!

Ayutthaya Thailandf
Image By: SheltieWolf
Rama Temple
Image By: palmbook
Thai Temple
The Marble Temple
Image By: BlueTramper
Temple in Thailand 3
Image By: tikimurryareg
Image By: natsumi02
Temple of Dawn
Image By: Jessica-Nahulan
Thai Temples 6
Image By: lookslikerein
Chiang Mai Temple
Thailand temple
Image By: Tk-Amaryllis
Temple in Chiang Mai 01
Image By: Bestarns
Image By: arrheniusss

Temple nr Chiang Mai Thailand
Image By: stevemoir

Thai Temple Architecture
Image By: WiDoWm4k3r

Temple architecture
Buddhist Temple

Wat Chang Taem - Chiang Mai
Image By: Eloren

Image By: drewhoshkiw

Wat Rong Khun 2.0
Image By: Eresh-Kigal

Thailand temple
Image By: Tk-Amaryllis

Phra Mondob at Wat Pho
Image By: David-Will

Wat Rong Khun 3 Thailand

Stupa at Ratchaburna Temple
Image By: David-Will

Wat Phra Kaew
Image By: Joerg-Lingnau

Visiting Bangkok? Check out these temples!

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