Among the most popular and loved water activities for travelers and those wanting to relax is snorkeling. It allows people to interact and explore the truly amazing wonders of the deep. Free from the complicated equipment and training required for scuba diving, travelers and tourists can really observe the underwater life through this recreational activity. The natural setting alone can really rejuvenate anyone who is feeling under the weather or feeling blue.

In the United States alone, there are several popular spots for snorkeling and Maui is one of the travel destinations for people who love the water and its mysteries. The island is surrounded with hot spots for snorkelers and divers and is truly an island of paradise. Indeed, you wouldn’t be disappointed to explore the rich water and the wonderful activities in stored for you and your companions! Gorgeous Snorkeling Spots in West Maui, Hawaii lists the top 5 snorkeling areas in West Maui. Make sure to visit them when you’re in the island!

1. Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay
Image By: hil-ly

Travel Tip: Most of the coral and sea life of Honolua Bay is concentrated on the right side of the bay. Some of the rocks can be slippery, so walk slowly over the rocky area.
One of the most well-known snorkel areas in Maui is the Honolua Bay. Despite the large rocks on the shoreline and the difficulty to get into the water, the snorkeling in the area is spectacular particularly on a calm and clear morning. It is a marine reserve, so snorkelers can enjoy spectacular coral formations, sea turtles and large schools of tropical fish.

2. Kahekili Beach Park (Airport Beach)

Kahekili Beach Park (Airport Beach)
Image By: tobze

Travel Tip: If you are spending the day at the Kahekili Beach Park, bring a beach chair for there are some great shade opportunities to set up camp for the day under the Kiawe trees.
A great spot to see eels and many types and species of Hawaiian fish, the Kahekili Beach Park – popularly known as the Airport Beach- is a favorite spot among the locals to relax and enjoy the day. You may find that the best snorkeling is out in front of the Westin Ocean Resort Villas north towers.

3. Kapalua Bay

Kapalua Bay
Image By: James Hills

Travel Tip: Because of its popularity, the parking lot tends to be filled-up quickly. If you have a car, you may park a little down the road off of a side street and walking to the beach access path, or taking the bus ( look for the “Napili Islander” sign), if otherwise.
The Kapalua Bay is a popular beach with a horseshoe, or crescent shaped bay. Great snorkeling spot are noted in the morning and early afternoon. At about 9-12 ft deep at the left side of the bay, there are some bigger rocks that have “pockets” under them for the inquisitive snorkeler. Here, you may be able to see octopus, crustaceans (crabs, etc) and trumpet fish.

4. Kekaa Point (Black Rock)

Kekaa Point (Black Rock)
Image By: Dave Smith

Travel Tip: One of the best snorkeling spots here is at the front of the Sheraton at Black Rock, wherein a sandy bottom with great visibility along the rock outcroppings is found.
One of the most popular and famous snorkel place in Maui is the Kekaa Point or the Black Rock. Its calm waters and clear visibility (in the morning) are some of the reasons why locals and tourists are attracted to the visit the area. You will always see a wide variety of Hawaiian fish and often see a turtle at the edge of the Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa.

5. Napili Bay

Napili Bay
Image By: WaterIsTheKey

Travel Tip: The middle part of the bay is mostly sand. This is a great place to practice free diving skills and to spot the local resident honu or turtle.
This spot is a popular snorkeling area for families with kids. It is known for its outstanding snorkeling and is one of the best places to actually see the Giant Sea Turtles of Hawaii.

Isn’t it exciting to snorkel?? I’ve personally tried it and it was so fun! How about your snorkeling experience?