A mountain range rising along the Tennessee–North Carolina border, the Great Smoky Mountains is also the home of an infamous national park of the same name.

The Smokies is regarded as one of the most-visited national park in the United States with its breathtaking landscapes, beautiful ancient mountains, diverse animals and plants life and the intriguing remnants of the Southern Appalachian mountain culture.

Tourists and local will delight in the amazing 800 miles of maintained trails plus the 80 historic buildings that are indeed worth a visit. The spectacular display of flowers adds a truly enjoyable day with friends and family.

For a glimpse of the beauty of the National Park and its amazing surroundings, come and browse through this Mesmerizing Photos of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and dwell on its amazing beauty!!!

great smoky mountains
Image By: StormPetral0509
smoky mountain spring stream
Source: http://joerossbach.deviantart.com/art/Smoky-Mountain-Spring-Stream-154578532
waterfall smoky mountains
Image By: samtihen
great smoky mountains
Source: http://ladyaliceofoz.deviantart.com/art/Great-Smoky-Mountains-3-1-12-288865230

smoky mountains
Image By: Silicon640c

Image By: themobius

smoky mountain stream
Image By: Joeybowman

roaring fork smok mountains
Source: http://tt83x.deviantart.com/art/Roaring-Fork-Smoky-Mountains-National-Park-270313982

vernal impulse
Image By: Ian-Plant

Image By: RawPoetry

mountain creek
Image By: Mashuto

smoky mountain falls
Image By: Carise

mountain air
Image By: othertalk

fire in the sky
Source: http://richardbernabe.deviantart.com/art/Fire-in-the-Sky-112835772

Image By: juddpatterson

above the clouds
Image By: joerossbach

smoky mountains
Image By: utoks

Image By: RealityIntolerant

cade cove effect
Image By: BradLeeDaleNorth

the stream
Image By: Ruth-Yang

how do you like your eggs sun
Image By: BradLeeDaleNorth

the spot
Image By: szigler511

smoky mountains
Image By: BeautifulJustice

laure falls
Image By: Carise

rainbow creek
Source: http://realityintolerant.deviantart.com/art/Rainbow-Creek-338714371

meigs mountain watershed
Image By: slowdog294

rainbow falls
Image By: RealityIntolerant

great smoky mountains
Image By: Carise

cade cadence
Image By: BradLeeDaleNorth

cade cove effect
Image By: BradLeeDaleNorth

dawn great smoky mountains
Image By: fltsfshr

great smoky mountains
Source: http://kev7art.deviantart.com/art/Great-Smoky-Mountains-007-125051226

smoky mountain national park
Image By: DG-Photo

great smoky cascade
Image By: lvlwing

Image By: bohso15

great smoky mountain national park
Image By: cnortham

Kcave of light
Image By: joerossbach

great smoky mountains
Image By: Kev7Art

great smoky mountains
Source: http://kev7art.deviantart.com/art/Great-Smoky-Mountains-017-125856362

Image By: Mashuto

baxter creek bridge
Image By: courey

newfound gap
Image By: BradLeeDaleNorth

top of the mountain
Image By: Photo-Rhino

meig falls
Source: http://carise.deviantart.com/art/Meig-s-Falls-286352860

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