I used to think that waves can only be found in the ocean or any other body of water and occurs when the wind comes in contact with the sea. But after looking at these pictures, I realized that the world is indeed filled with amazing places in all shapes and sizes!

This sandstone rock formation, located near the Arizona-Utah border is the Coyote Buttes ravine, is considered to be one of the greatest geological formations in the world! Popularly known as The Wave, its remarkable appearance has been attracting tourists. Created by slow wind and rain erosion, the Wave’s peculiar and unique appearance is definitely worth visiting! Many people who have walked through the dunes, describes it as ‘intensely strange’ and ‘surreal and vertigo inducing’. Well then, let’s check out some photos that captured this extraordinary place and assess if we can hike on it ourselves!

Waves of Red
Image By: PeterJCoskun

The Wave
Image By: bryanbrazil

The Wave
Image By: Stefano-Coltelli

Second Wave Sunset
Image By: joerossbach

The Wave Arizona
Image By: Arteragazzina

Image By: michael-dalberti

Image By: coulombic

The Wave
Image By: nairbnosredna

North Coyote Buttes
Image By: coulombic

The Wave
Image By: clanegessel

The Waves of Time
Image By: lexstgo

Image By: L11ll3

So, are you up to the challenge? Looking at the photos, do you think you can handle it?