The ocean is a vast and mysterious place, inhabited by living things that create colors and life to this seemingly plain body of water on the surface. One of its many marine habitats are the coral reefs. Coral Reefs are described scientifically as underwater structures that are made from calcium carbonate secreted by corals. They do not only adds beauty to the sea bed but also provides shelter to animals and plays an important role to the ecosystem by removing and recycling carbon dioxide.

Because of their vibrant colors and unique structures, coral reefs also plays an important role in promoting tourism in cities worldwide. Many people would pay and travel to popular places with great reefs just to see them. Hence, beautiful coral reefs are protected and kept in secured places to allow them to develop and be enjoyed at the same time. Pictures of Coral Reefs compiles some interesting images of the coral reefs as captured by photographers around the world. See how these amazing marine habitat are immortalized through these images!!!

Nemo hiding
Image By: LloydG

Chromis ternatensis
Image By: emtect

Image By: Canonnewbe

Chalice coral,
Image By: oOBrieOo

Nano Reef
Image By: oOBrieOo

Image By: agnetha

Coral reef
Image By: Patrick Diepstraten (sPn)

Coral reef
Image By: rabidwolfspider

Little Clownfish From the Reef
Image By: Micio

Coral Reef
Image By: ImNotOkay28

Image By: samygpunkt

Chalice coral desktop
Image By: oOBrieOo

Coral Reef
Image By: acaitlynw

Noble Coral with a basket Star
Image By: Fluggs

More Coral
Image By: AMT-MoreMoreMore

Sea Cucumbers
Image By: Chrysemys

Finger Leather Coral
Image By: echoofformless

Coral Reef
Image By: TheBobson

Mini Coral Reef
Image By: killerbrownie37

Coral Reef
Image By: ShottysniperZ

Reef Coral
Image By: angelicque

The Reef Update
Image By: NanakorobiYaoki

The Great Reef
Image By: kitsune-no-gekokujou

Coral reef
Image By: MadameBonsai

Nano Reef under Actinic
Image By: oOBrieOo

Under water
Image By: onestar2010

Coral Reef
Image By: KodakBoy

If Midas Touched Some Coral
Image By: X5-442

Great Barrier Reef bis
Image By: Zouvage

London zoo coral reefs
Image By: macrodger

Nano Reef
Image By: edplozaiphotography

Ricordea Florida Coral 1
Image By: eksong

SPS Coral and Crocea display
Image By: oOBrieOo

Coral color
Image By: LloydG

Nemesis Nano - pico reef tank
Image By: Sunstars

Rhyzotrochus typus
Image By: oOBrieOo

Coral Reef
Image By: derek150

Hammer coral
Image By: Lango77

Coral reefs develops mostly in shallow, warm water, near land and mostly in the tropics. Among the famous places where amazing coral reefs can be seen are Australia, Maldives, Florida, and Honduras. Of course, there are marine life exhibitions where coral reefs are also showcased.