Ever felt so stressed out that you want to run around screaming at the top of your lungs? Or felt like sleeping right in the middle of a busy work space just to calm and gather your thoughts? Or maybe just go somewhere and escape from your busy day at work, school or at home?

The beach has always been a great place to revive those tired and stressed spirits. Its such a wonder how the simple sound of seagulls and waves can help soothe and calm us. With the scent and the sound of the sea, we are rejuvenated once again. And Miami, being one of the cities in the world with great beaches and postcard-perfect views, is one great place to relax and unwind.

Up for a relaxing day under the sun with the scent of the sea and the sand? Well, allow us to revive those moment to unwind from those stressful moments through this Relaxing Beach Snapshots of Miami, Florida. Enjoy!!!

Leaving Miami
Image By: theCrow65

Miami, Florida II
Image By: Child-of-God

Scenes from Miami II
Image By: pjs15204

Cloudy day at the beach (in South Beach Miami)
Image By: Trudi L

All Along the Watch Tower
Image By: jmason3401

Miami Beach
Image By: raviole

what happens in miami
Image By: countemonetwothree

Birds in Miami Beach
Image By: perdom

South Beach Access
Image By: nkdby

Image By: Arroweh

January Ocean
Image By: hybrid-rainbows

South Beach, Miami
Image By: Tallyn

Sunrise 2
Image By: hybrid-rainbows

Miami Beach
Image By: elsa11

haulover beach | miami
Image By: Diego Tabango

Club Nikki, South Beach, Miami
Image By: Apryl Wiese

Peter Pan Syndrome
Image By: DaydreamMagnificence

Arriving in Miami Beach
Image By: Roberto Simas

a Windy Day on Miami Beach
Image By: hybrid-rainbows

Miami beach chairs
Image By: juicyverve

Beautiful Beaches
Image By: EB0333

Skimboarding South Beach
Image By: rustycoon33

Beach in Miami, Florida, 2005
Image By: hugh forsyth

Hungry Birds 3
Image By: hybrid-rainbows

One Sunny Day by Joe Reyes
Image By: joereyes

Image By: hybrid-rainbows

Pier 1
Image By: hybrid-rainbows

Image By: hybrid-rainbows

True photography does not only capture beautiful moments but the feeling of the moment as well.