If we list out all the romantic cities in the world, Prague will surely be included in the Top 10. From its rich culture and history to its amazing architecture, visiting this city will surely make you fall in love again and again.

Prague is the capital and the largest city of the Czech Republic. The historical capital of of Bohemia proper, Prague is the home of famous cultural attractions with more than ten major museums, along with numerous theaters, galleries, cinemas, and other historical exhibits. Becoming one of the major tourist destination, Prague is the home to pristine and varied collections of architecture that never fails to amaze visiting tourists.

With the love month just around the corner, romantic destinations will surely be on the top of every travelers’ list. Romantic Places to Visit in Prague, Czech Republic summarizes popular, if not, the most marvelous places to spend with your loved one this season!!!

1. Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock
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A medieval astronomical clock, the Prague Orloj or Prague Astronomical Clock was first installed in 1410, making it as the oldest working astronomical clock in the world. The mechanism of the clock is composed of three main components: the astronomical dial; “The Walk of the Apostles”; and a calendar dial with medallions representing the months. It is mounted on the southern wall of Old Town City Hall.

2. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge
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The Charles Bridge is a historic bridge in Prague and famous for its unique architecture and decoration of 30 statues on its balustrade. About 621 meters long and nearly 10 meters wide, the bridge is protected by three bridge towers.

3. Loreto

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Built in commemoration of legend of a cottage said to be the home of the Virgin Mary, the Loreto is a religious pilgrimage site in Prague, Czech Republic. Full of Baroque splendor from the outside in, tourists visiting the Loreto offers a sanctuary of prayers and hope.

4. Mucha Museum

Mucha Museum
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A small museum featuring work of the great Czech Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha, the Mucha Museum is located in New Town, Prague 1. Alphonse Mucha’s collection includes phenomenal paintings, posters, sketches, statues and photographs.

5. Palác Akropolis

Palác Akropolis
Image By: Mataparda

Considered to be a shrine to alternative music and drama, Palác Akropolis is a Prague Institution that hosts a smorgasbord of musical and cultural events. Chill out with your date to a night of music and concert at this great place.

6. Petrin Hill and Observation Tower

Petrin Hill
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Another romantic must-see in Prague, is the Petrin Hill and Observation Tower. From the top of this hill, tourists will be rewarded with a spectacualr view of the entire Prague. A small version of the Eiffel Tower, Petrin Observation Tower is set in landscaped gardens that dominate the summit of Petrin hill.

7. Prague Castle

Prague Castle
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The Prague Castle is considered to be one of the biggest ancient castles in the world. Kept within this walls are the Czech Crown Jewels. It is composed of several museums, a monastery and several palaces, gardens and defense towers including the Gothic St Vitus Cathedral and the Romanesque Basilica of St. George.

8. Rudolfinum

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A music auditorium, the Rudolfinum has been the home to great music in Prague including the home to the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Named in honor of Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria, the Rudolfinum is designed in the neo-renaissance style.

9. Spanish Synagogue

Spanish Synagogue
Image By: Roy D Freeman

The Spanish Synagogue is a Moorish Revival synagogue with remarkabel elaborately styled interior. Elaborate Islamic-style polychrome and gilded patterns are painted, carved and/or molded on its surface. The synanogue was never used by a Spanish or Sephardic congregation, instead it is used as a museum and concert hall.

10. Staré Mêsto (Old Town)

Staré Mêsto
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Staré Mêsto or the Old Town is a medieval settlement which was separated from the outside by a semi-circular moat and wall, connected to the Vltava at both of its ends before the founding of the New Town. Considered to be the heat of Prague, many churches, houses and establishments dating back to the 13th century are seen here. Many couples would surely love strolling around these streets.

11. The Old Town Bridge Tower

The Old Town Bridge Tower
Image By: marantzer

Guarding the entrance to the Old Town is the Old Town Bridge Tower. It is a beautiful Gothic tower with 138 stairs and gives tourists a birds-eye view over Charles Bridge, the Vltava River, the Old Town, the Lesser Town (Malá Strana) and Prague Castle.

12. Vltava River

Vltava River
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The Vltava River in Prague is the longest river in Czech Republic. It separates the city into two: the Eastern and the Western. An evening cruise through the river is as romantic as possible with all the lights in the city.

13. Vrtba Garden

Vrtba Garden
Image By: Reg Marjason

One of the most beautiful and significant Baroque gardens in the central Europe is the Vrtba Garden. Hidden behind an unnoticeable gate, the garden is filled with elegant staircases, decorated banisters, terraces, statues, flower beds, and hedges, perfect for couples looking for a romantic place for weddings and parties.

14. Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square
Image By: MartinaKolacna

The Wenceslas Square is one of the main city squares in the New Town of Prague, Czech Republic. A traditional setting demonstrations, celebrations, and other public gatherings, the square is surrounded with amazing architecture on both sides.

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