Stretching over a million square kilometers and covering most of North Africa, the Sahara is the world’s largest hot desert . It has been a mysterious land to visit particularly for travelers who love adventure. One of the most enticing factors of the desert is its unique landscape which stretches as far as the eye can see. Despite its not-so-accommodating environment: difficult terrain, heat and its dry climate, the Sahara Desert is still one of Africa’s most popular places to visit.

Contradicting to the general idea of having nothing but sand, the Sahara has been the home to various living things, including plants and people. The Wonder That is Sahara features some important and interesting facts about the desert. Check them out!!!

1. Climate

Image By: Tennille Uithof

Believed to have been established over five million years ago, the climate at the Sahara Desert has been noted to have a short- to medium-length dry and humid conditions. Its climate is divided into two sub-climates, a dry subtropical climate in the north and a dry tropical climate in the south.

2. Landforms

Image By: Piasecka

The desert has several interesting land forms including the chotts (a series of depressions or lakes that change seasonally depending on the water supply of the area.), dunes, ergs, regs and hamadas.

3. People

Image By: Jimmy Swift

Regarded to have one of the lowest population densities in the world, the Sahara’s natives or locals are called as nomads. These people continuously move from region to region in search of better living conditions. Diverse groups which quickly formed dense populations throughout the region can also be found in the region. Most have Berber and/or Arabic roots and most of them follows the Islamic religion, which was introduced in the seventh century AD.

4. Plants and Wildlife

Plants and Wildlife
Image By: as4ad

Wildlife in the desert adapt to hyper-arid conditions, fierce winds, intense heat and wide temperature swings. Most animals living in Sahara is home to some 70 species of mammals, 90 species of resident birds, 100 species of reptiles, and numerous species of arthropods. Same as the animals, the plants in this area has imposed adaptations. The plant community comprises perhaps 500 species in the central and most arid part of the Sahara.

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