A teardrop-shaped small island found at the northeastern coast of Mindanao, Siargao has become known as the Surfing Capital of the country. It was even named the “Best Island in the World” by Conde Nast Traveler readers.

For surfers, Cloud 9 is one of the surfing spots that international travelers flock to. But even if you’re not into that, Siargao is still a great choice for a needed island getaway with its white-sand beaches, blue-green waters, and picturesque islands. There’s a lot to be done on the island from sightseeing to snorkeling and diving.

Being one of the increasingly popular tourist destinations in the Philippines, Siargao has gone on to expand its tourism business. This, of course, includes accommodation. With the steady increase in the number of tourists, naturally, there is also an increase in Siargao resorts.
We’ll take a look at 15 of the best Siargao resorts to stay in your visit!

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Lampara Siargao Boutique Hostel

Starting off with one of the highest reviewed Siargao resorts, Lampara Siargao Boutique Hostel is at an exceptional location, just being 290 meters away from the beach. It also isn’t too far from popular landmarks across the island like the Cloud 9 Surfing Tower, General Luna Island, and Guyam Island. The place is also close to a pharmacy and grocery.

Riad Masaya

Another one of the highest rated Siargao resorts that is close to the beach and Cloud 9. This place shares similarities with the one above on this list in that they also offer paid airport shuttle service, and there’s free Wi-Fi in all rooms and public spaces.
Riad Masaya also offers recreational activities such as horseback riding and massage. All their rooms are also provided with air conditioning unit, closet and clothes rack, and full kitchen.
To top it all off, this place is a perfect choice if you are bringing children.

Tarzan’s Suite

Now, this place is strict with their house rules and highly recommend reading their house rules first before booking. But if you’re traveling purpose is to unwind, have some peace, and be close to nature, this is one of the Siargao resorts that will perfectly suit you! Group and solo travelers looking for a lot of socializing, look away!
Not only does Tarzan’s Suite have a front beach property, but it also conveniently close to Cloud 9 (it’s just a 5-minute walk!), restaurants, and other resorts. There’s also an outdoor porch where you can relax. There’s television and Wi-Fi, as well as free parking.
One important note to those considering booking this accommodation: there are three house pets (2 dogs and 1 cat) that roam within the property.

Sandy Feet Siargao

We dive in to one of the Siargao resorts that have a private beach. Their cheapest bedroom is a “one bedroom garden view suite” and is at a reasonable price, considering the services and broad range of amenities offered at this place.
The villa has also been reviewed to cozy, spacious, and stylish. Plus, the place offers a lot of privacy and quiet as it is far but not too far from the noisy and crowded tourist spots.
This accommodation also welcomes children of all ages!

Bulan Villas Siargao

Just 328 feet from General Luna Beach, Bulan Villas Siargao is one of the Siargao resorts that are conveniently located not too far from a beach and is even only 1.7 km away from Cloud 9 Surfing Tower.
Like many of the Siargao resorts on this list, there’s free Wi-Fi in all rooms, air conditioning, and free parking. But what sets it apart from the others so far on this list is that they have an outdoor swimming pool. It’s worth mentioning too that their restaurant on-site serves Italian cuisine.
Also another important note is the minimum age of guests is 18 years old.

Mao Mao Surf

Another one of the Siargao resorts that offers paid airport shuttle service. Although not quite as close as the other Siargao resorts on this list, Cloud 9 Surfing Tower isn’t that too far off. The beach closest to it is just 430 meters away.
In this place, there is a bar, a garden, and a bicycle rental service available at the lodge. All this at a price as low as ₱980 (or US$20.25). And you can ask for extra beds too depending on the room you choose. Plus, children are welcome at this resort.

Isla Cabana Resort

Isla Cabana Resort is one of the more expensive Siargao resorts on this list. However, the resort is quite extensive with the services offered and facilities provided!
The place is complete with a private beach, a hot tub, an outdoor swimming pool, a garden, and even a fitness center! They also provide paid airport shuttle services and is wheelchair accessible. There is also a wide array of fun activities you can choose from like boating, canoeing, surfing lesson, and even horseback riding.

Don Remegio Villas

Just less than 0.6 miles from General Luna Beach, is one of the homey Siargao resorts. Don Remegio Villas is just a little outside of the tourist populated areas and close to local restaurants and market.
They have BBQ facilities in the apartment as well as room service. Don Remegio Villas also provide paid airport shuttle service as well as car rental service, in addition to a free private parking.

Maya Siargao Villa and Golf

Out of all the Siargao resorts featured here, Maya Siargao Villa and Golf is probably the closest to the Cloud 9 Surfing Tower (just 900 meters away!). It is also not too far from the city and the airport is normally just 35 minutes away.
They have ten room types to choose from that feature a variety of comforts. They also have an excellent variety of recreational facilities such as their outdoor swimming pool and on-site golf course.

Siargao Island Villas

Amongst the Siargao resorts featured, Siargao Island Villas is closest to many notable landmarks including the Metropolitan Medical Clinic and General Luna Island.
The interesting feature about this place is the Balinese-inspired 2-storey villas designed to bring out the sights, sounds, and sensations of the island. They have a private beach and their on-site restaurant serves up the finest of Indonesia’s world-renowned dishes.

Bravo Beach Resort

Another one of the Siargao resorts that is conveniently located to have an easy access to the city’s must-see destinations and to the airport.
Bravo Beach Resort is complete with recreational facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, boats, hiking trails, surfing lessons, golf course (within 3 km). They also have a bar and a restaurant at this hotel.

Apsaras Tribe – Siargao

Apsaras Tribe is only one of the few Siargao resorts on this list that are wheelchair accessible. And it’s also one of the handful Siargao resorts featured with a private beach and an outdoor swimming pool.
All of their 39 guest rooms are fully furnished and many are complete with lockers. They also have a restaurant on site and a mini bar to unwind and relax.
Apsaras Tribe hotel is situated in a great location too. It’s just 3 minutes away from Cloud 9 Surfing Tower and 5 minutes away from the local restaurants.

Harana Surf Resort

Harana Surf Resort is one of the Siargao resorts rated as exceptionally located, just being 410 meters from the beach and 750 meters away from the Cloud 9 Surfing Tower.
They have a garden and a restaurant and bar of their own at the resort. They also offer paid airport shuttle service. It is also the first of the Siargao resorts featured here that has explicitly declared non-smoking rooms and floors and has designated smoking areas. Perhaps a downside would be the lack of Wi-Fi in rooms, but there is Wi-Fi in public spaces.

Romantic Beach Villas Siargao Island

While being at a close proximity to various must-see tourist destinations in the island, Romantic Beach Villas Siargao Island also has its own excellent facilities and services to help you relax. They boast of their infinity swimming pool and private beach. The resort also offers a variety of watersport activities such as scuba diving and wakeboarding.
Romantic Beach Villas is a perfect choice for family trips!

Tre Islas Hostel

One of the Siargao resorts that are in high demand as of writing this article! It’s no wonder that this place is popular as it lies 1 kilometer away from the city center and is accessible to important town facilities and must-see tourist destinations.
Tre Islas Hostel similar to most of the resorts in the services they offer. But they offer laundry service which has been absent from the other places on this list. They also have a designated smoking area as it is mostly a smoke-free property.

If you have been considering visiting Siargao in your next trip, hopefully, this list of the 15 of the best Siargao resorts at least helped you narrow down your choices of accommodation.

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Best Siargao Resorts and Hostels For An Extraordinary Vacation Best Siargao Resorts and Hostels For An Extraordinary Vacation

Best Siargao Resorts and Hostels For An Extraordinary Vacation. Best places to stay when in Siargao, Philippines. #beachvacation #philippinesisland