You may be wondering, “Why am I reading this?’. Well, I’m also asking myself as to why I am writing this in the first place. Like hello? I’m supposed to write about my adventures to share them to the rest of the world.

But, someone dear to me requested that I write something personal and suggested that I wrote about how traveling changed me.

So… Here I am, sitting in front of my laptop and listing down both trivial and significant changes that had occurred to little old me.

For the past years, I have been traveling on and off, either for work or for pleasure. Looking back, I’ve realized there were indeed so many changes.

The old me would never dream that I will be this independent or this adventure-lover. I was once fearful- fearful to try new things and thought of very little of what I am capable of doing, especially on physical activities.

I would rather read a book on one corner or maybe write a thing or two. These changes (may it be good or bad) have definitely changed the way I look at things and the way I perceive life and its endless possibilities!

So, after days of just thinking over how traveling changed me, here’s a few things that definitely did:

1. Travel Sickness is Almost Gone

Traveling Changed Travel Sickness

Just almost. I still eat candies (menthol flavored please!) when I ride buses, planes or fast craft. But not as much! I have learned to deal with it.

My personal compilation of things to do to avoid travel sickness helped a lot. I love looking at the view and through this change, I have enjoyed the travel more.

Before, I will get uncomfortable just thinking of the long travel time, but now the discomfort is gone and I have learned to embrace it!

2. Conquered Fear of Heights

Traveling Changed Fear of Heights

Well, not entirely! I still get that tingly feeling on my feet whenever I am on top of a high place but it is bearable now.

Before traveling changed me, I had this tendency to immediately pull back when looking at the edge of a tall building/ cliff. Now, I don’t do that anymore. In fact, I have enjoyed activities such as trekking and ziplining among others.

3. Learned to Love Adventures

Traveling Change Love Adventures

So here’s a thing or two about traveling. You learn to love that feeling of exploring new places, of meeting new people and of the general feeling of being on an adventure with people you love and are dear to you.

Before, I was a homebody. I would rather spend my weekend at home with my books while listening to music and the sound of silence.

Now, however, I still long for stillness but I’d get that itchy feeling at the sole of my foot and that drive to get out there and discover new adventures!

4. Learned to Swim

Traveling Changed Learned To Swim

Yey! Back in college (or rather in my early years after graduation), swimming has been my greatest weakness.

I remember being joked of my fear of drowning. I would complain or get tense when I’m on a small boat or maybe just crossing a small bridge because of my fear of toppling over and drowning.

So how did traveling changed me on this aspect?

Well, because of the activities that I usually do on one of our travels, I have learned the basics in swimming and I am not so afraid anymore. I am not that strong a swimmer, but I am able to swim and paddle my way across a pool or during our island hopping escapades with families and friends.

5. Learned to Pack

Traveling Changed Learn Pack

Before I started traveling, I was a messy person. The type that doesn’t even know how to fold my things properly.

The type that doesn’t know how to organize my stuff and plan ahead. Traveling changed me in a way that made me learned the art of packing.

That is, to organize my stuff, where to keep them, the basics that I will need, planning the clothes that I will wear, even learning a thing or two on properly folding my clothes to save space.

I even have this habit of still organizing our things (mine and my husband) during our travel to make it more easier when packing up and leaving. Pretty great, huh?

6. Appreciate a Good Photo

Traveling Changed Appreciate Good Photo

When I started traveling (mostly for work), I was so amazed of having the privilege to travel that I became a selfie addict. LOL.

Looking at my profile and the vast collection of photos, it was mostly my selfies with small photos of the places that I got to visit.

Now, this changed as time goes. I’d rather capture that great scenic photo than that of my face. There are even times that I will not take a photo anymore but just take in on the view and enjoy it!

7. Less Awkward

Traveling Changed Less Awkward

My travel buddy – my husband- is a photo/ video enthusiast. He is my official photographer and videographer. I can always count on him to get the perfect shots for me.

During our years of travel, it has been one of our hobby to get tons of video clips when we travel for our year-end video.

It’s just actually a compilation of things we did over the year. A memorabilia of our year together that we can look back when we’re both gray and old, maybe showing it to our kids and our grandchildren 😉 .

Because of this ‘hobby’, I have learned to be less awkward and self conscious when I pose before a camera and just have fun!

8. Manage Time

Traveling Changed Manage Time

Have you ever felt that feeling of rushing to get to your plane/ fast craft? Don’t you just hate it? I had experienced that more than a couple of times and it was not great.

Hence, I have learned to manage my time including preparing my things days before the scheduled trip and giving enough allowance to rush to the air/ sea port.

Re-booking is never an option really.

9. Be Money-Wise

Traveling Changed Money Wise

Traveling changed me in terms of spending hard-earned money. My husband and I are saving money entirely for our travel.

This is a big step for us since before, we were not that conscious. Now, we spend less during our travel and make sure that we stay on budget. This is something we now appreciate since we are starting to make a family of our own.

10. Opened My Perspective

Traveling Changed Opened Perspective

Like everyone else, traveling changed me in terms of opening my eyes to the variety of ways one can live life to the fullest.

Growing up, we are programmed to go to school, graduate, look for a stable job, work your way up and settle down. But with traveling, it made me realize that there are a lot of things that we can do and that we do have options.

We don’t need to stick around and just take in what life throws at us. We need to be out there and get what we want!

Traveling is not really just about collecting memories and going to a new place. It’s an adventure that will change you in more ways than you can count.

If you really look into it, aside from the things that you can get from traveling, you will definitely experience some small yet important changes in you as the time goes by.

How about you? Any changes that you want to share?
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How Traveling Changed Me. A list of the significant changes in me through years of traveling. #traveljournal #travel #traveldiaries #travelbenefits #travelchanges #travelstory #travelinspiration #osmiva How Traveling Changed Me. A list of the significant changes in me through years of traveling. #traveljournal #travel #traveldiaries #travelbenefits #travelchanges #travelstory #travelinspiration #osmiva


How Traveling Changed Me. A list of the significant changes in me through years of traveling. #traveljournal #travel #traveldiaries #travelbenefits #travelchanges #travelstory #travelinspiration #osmiva