Coming up with gift ideas for kids can be quite tricky. It seems a pretty simple task as kids are easy to please, but it’s quite rare to gift them with something that they like and actually use for a long time. And it’s especially true for toddlers, they tend to lose interest quickly and move on to the next exciting toy.

This problem is lesser than the much older ones. When it comes to travel gifts for kids, regardless of age, coming up with ideas can still be tricky.

If you think about it, many travel-inspired gifts should be practical, objects that one can make good use of all the time. But it shouldn’t be all that. They could be gifts that are simply just for one’s enjoyment. Especially with travel gifts for kids, you may want to consider things that would inspire them to travel.

Here we have a list of 20 travel gifts for kids to inspire them to travel!

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Briarpatch Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game

When out on a long car drive, kids tend to get bored out of their minds. Why not make the long, winding road trip into a fun one by getting the kids this scavenger hunt card game?

Kids have a habit of looking out the window during these car drives, so taking advantage of that is smart. The entire family can participate in it too so it will be even more fun, not to mention that it will get the kids’ brains stimulated!

Fun Geography Board Game

If you really want to get travel gifts for kids to inspire them to travel, a fun geography board game should do the trick.

A family-friendly game in which you can train your brain and have lots of fun. After playing this game, you would want to see these places for yourself. What a fun way to get motivated and inspired?

Foldable Travel Tray

When it comes to travel gifts for kids that are importantly functional, a foldable travel tray would be a perfect gift idea.
Especially in a long car drive, your kids will want to have to do something. Be it watching a movie on their tablet or playing with the toys they bought, the kids would want and need this. What’s even better is that travel trays like this also have compartments to put a water bottle, umbrella, and other stuff. Not only does that benefit the kids, but it also helps keep the car tidy.

Neck Pillows

Whatever mode of transportation you take in long travels, the kids will eventually get tired and fall asleep. One of the perfect travel gifts for kids in this situation would be a neck pillow.
Now, there are many varied neck pillows to choose from out there. But when it comes to the kids, you would want to pick one that grabs their interest. So pick ones that are not only soft and comfortable but also have cute and pretty patterns.

Travel Bed

Get the kids excited to travel by gifting them this toddler travel bed!
While the thought of going on a trip could already be very exciting to children, take it up a notch by presenting them with a travel bed that they could use even if there are beds for them in your accommodation. They will surely be reeling over going on trips again.

Waterproof Binoculars

Traveling means there are many sights to see and wonders of nature to look at. Allow your children to explore and be curious. Aid them so by getting them one of the perfect travel gifts for kids – a pair of binoculars.
With the many activities that a child could get themselves into, it would be better to get a waterproof and shockproof pair.

Travel Luggage Set

One of the many ways you can convince kids to travel is to gift them with a pretty cool luggage set.
Get them a set of traveling bags with cool or cute patterns, ones that match their taste. Trust they will want to show off their newest and hippest stuff.

Water Bottle

Going on trips can be exhausting, especially if your trip requires lots of walking. Your kids may complain of thirst so why not gift them with a water bottle?
As it is with kids, you would have to pick ones that have an interesting design such as cartoons and the likes. Or you could buy one with design prints that will remind them of the outside world.

Kids Adventure Pack

Deciding on travel gifts for kids becomes a lot easier with this one!
A kid’s adventure pack that is complete with a bag, compass, binoculars, and other exploration equipment that is child-friendly and educational. Such a gift would definitely inspire one to go out and explore the world too.

Road Trip Travel Game Activities

Not only are these perfect travel gifts for kids, they can also be enjoyed by the entire family.
This so-called “road trip kit” has fun game activities that can be conveniently used during the long car drive.

Animal Sleep Mask

When kids are tired from the long trips, help them get a better sleep by giving them sleep masks. Make it even better by buying ones with animal-inspired designs.
It’ll definitely help them ease up on the hard parts of traveling.

Headband Headphones

Pull up some unique travel gifts for kids like this one.
This headband headphones is quite the unique item. With thin speakers inside the headband, you will never notice the headphones. The fun animal designs would definitely add even more interest.

Walkie Talkie


Get the kids to be more excited about trips with walkie-talkies . Even if you’re not at distance apart, you could make good use of these. You can tickle a child’s imagination and make the trip even more exciting.

Scavenger Hunt Game

A simple scavenger hunt game will undoubtedly have the kids excited and reeling for more adventure. A gift like this that can be played both indoors and outdoors is just perfect to get the kids wanting to travel.

Kids Digital Camera

Being outdoors will certainly get the kids wide-eyed curious and excited. In order to make lasting memories and a remembrance of those experiences, why not get them their own digital camera?
Let them enjoy and capture these experiences that mean to them. On the other hand, this might help them develop other skills such as photography.

Geography Card Game

If you have kids who have no interest in traveling yet, better get them an awesome geography card game.
Snip into their minds to want to travel. By learning the names of places, they will surely want to put an image to it. What better way to inspire them?

Toddler Backpack Plush

Kids like to have some of their specific knick knacks close to them. A toddler backpack plush, like this one, is lightweight and cozy to not even put any burden on the kids. And with its cute print, it will surely get the kids wanting to show them off.

Orboot Earth

A highly interactive and simulating toy. This Orboot Earth may need a smartphone device to get its full use.
It’s a really interactive globe that will get the kids’ brains stimulated. Before you know it, they would want to see the world for themselves, not just through some application.

Travel Coloring Book

Another one of those travel gifts for kids that will put their creativity and artistry to good use.
With 100 places especially picked by travel experts, the kids can fun coloring the pictures. When they’re done, they will be wanting to see these places themselves.

National Parks Coloring Book

Some kids would be more interested in traveling to parks. So take it up a notch and introduce to them the various looks of national parks all over the world with this illustrated coloring book.

What do you think of this list of travel gifts for kids? Hopefully one or two of these would help inspire your children to travel!

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