A visit to Hong Kong isn’t complete unless you visit it’s ‘Happiest Place on Earth’! And what fun it is especially when you are with the family! Here are our recommended must-try activities in Hong Kong Disneyland with the family!

Our trip to Hong Kong this year was a memorable one. Mainly because it was our first international trip together with the family.

When planning for our trip, we knew that we needed to visit Disneyland. It’s one of the best places to go with kids, after all.

As someone who has visited Disneyland HK a couple of times in the past years, I was pretty excited to show them how truly magical it is. I do love theme parks and always marvel how it can make you years younger!

If you are planning to visit soon with your family (including small kids), here is our mini-guide to help you plan out your day trip as well as a list of must-try activities!

How to Get to Hong Kong Disneyland

Train at Sunny Bay Station

By far, our favorite mode of transportation when visiting Disneyland is by MTR. Hong Kong’s mass transit railway is very easy to navigate. Just follow the ‘Line’ or route that you are taking, then, of course, taking note of the stops. You won’t have any problem changing from one train to the other.

To get to Disneyland by MTR, you just have to take the route that’ll take you to Sunny Bay Station. Disneyland has its own trains that take guests to their resort.

If you are renting a car, you can definitely self-drive and just follow directions. Of course, another is by taking the taxi from wherever the area you are. For more information, you can always refer to Disneyland’s travel information.

Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets and Promos

HK Disneyland Entrance

Purchasing Hong Kong Disneyland tickets are easy. You can purchase it upon arrival, the day before your visit to Disneyland HK, or even before visiting Hong Kong.

Buying tickets in the park is fine, but I personally would recommend buying it beforehand to avoid long queues. Aside from buying it at the Front Desk – for guests at the Disneyland’s hotel- and buying it through their official websites, there are several options you can look into. Here are some places where you can buy Hong Kong Disneyland tickets:

Hong Kong Terminal Airport

At Terminal 2, find ‘The Magic of Hong Kong Disneyland’ stall. They are located at the ‘After Departures (South) Departures Level 7 at the Terminal 1 and at the ‘Check-in Hall, Departures Level 5 at Terminal 2.

Hotels and Tour Providers

There are some accredited hotels and hostels who sells Hong Kong Disneyland tickets. Our hostel (Ah Shan Hostel) where we stayed for the entire trip was selling Disneyland HK ticket. You can ask the front desk for details.

Another option is to buy from tour providers. Big Bus Tours Information Service Centres are selling tickets for Disneyland HK. Our go-to ticketing location is at the Kowloon Star Ferry Pier in Tsim Sha Tsui. They are located at Unit KP-38 on the 1st Floor.

There are also online tour services where you can buy tickets at a more cheaper price. We bought our Hong Kong Disneyland ticket at Klook and enjoyed a much lesser price than those commercially sold. It was also very easy to redeem (we just printed it and showed it at the entrance) and we were good to go!

Hong Kong Disneyland Promos

Aside from the park tickets, you can also avail of Hong Kong Disneyland Promos from various tour providers and even at their official website!


How to Get Around the Theme Park

Main Street USA at HK Disneyland

The park is about 27.5 hectares and you can spend the entire day walking around and still not be able to see and do everything! If it’s your first time, it may sound and look intimidating.

You can, however, plan your adventure ahead by using the Disneyland HK mobile app or simply use the Hong Kong Disneyland map provided near the entrance upon arrival. Just remember to check out the language of the brochure as it can be frustrating if you don’t understand the text.

Fun Activities with the Family

The activities at Disneyland are for all ages, though not everything is for everyone. If you are with small children and elderly people (like we were), you can do the following activities together:

Stroll around and enjoy the view.

Strolling around at the Adventureland

If you are not feeling in the mood to wait in line when you arrive, why not stroll around first and enjoy the view? There are fantastic areas that you can go to and take photos of. It’ll be a wonderful time to preserve memories!

Don’t forget to grab a Hong Kong Disneyland map to help you navigate around.

Watch shows and live performances.

Watch Shows and Live Performances

When we visit Disneyland HK, we always watch their live show performances like ‘Mickey and the Wondrous Book’ and the ‘Festival of the Lion King’. The casts are amazing as well as the effects. You can’t help but get nostalgic just listening to the songs and watching them perform.

Mickey’s PhilharMagic is also exciting with its fun special effects that will leave you smiling after.

Don’t forget to check their performance times beforehand to plan out your day!

Dine at taste various flavors.

Food at Disneyland HK

Kids love to eat, so why not treat them (and yourself) with some delicious treats and dishes from several restaurants and food stalls all over the theme park!

One of my favorites is the Korean Squid located at food stalls in Adventureland. We also enjoy dining at the Starline Diner and at the Main Street Corner Cafe.

Meet and greet your favorite Disney characters

Meet and greet your favourite Disney characters

Kids will surely love to take a photo with their favorite Disney Character and you can do it with them at the attractions like ‘Star Wars: Command Post’, ‘Iron Man Tech Showcase’, and the ‘Royal Princess Garden’.

There are also certain areas where characters just pop out to have pictures. Be sure to watch out for Mickey Mouse and the rest of the gang!

Enjoy the cast parades and outdoor shows.

Flights of Fantasy Float

If your kids want to see lots of performers and their favorite characters in one location, the afternoon and night parades are a great option.

My daughter, in particular, love the Flights of Fantasy Parade and I’m pretty sure your kids will too. Even my mom who is 60+ years old enjoyed it!

‘Disney Paint the Night’ is also amazing as the characters and their floats literally painted the streets with bright lights and gorgeous colors.

You shouldn’t also miss the ‘Disney in the Stars’ show where Sleeping Beauty Castle literally lights up! This literally had me smiling and feeling happy a few hours after.

It was under renovation when we visited, though, so we missed it on our last visit. But they had a fun show at the Main Street, U.S.A instead.

Try Family-friendly Hong Kong Disneyland Rides

Jungle River Cruise for Families

You wouldn’t really be in Disneyland if you haven’t tried any of its rides. So if you are going with kids and elderly, choose those that are not too extreme for them so that you can enjoy it together.

Our favorites (and those that we recommend) Hong Kong Disneyland rides for families are the ‘Jungle River Cruise’, ‘It’s a Small World’, ‘The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh’ and ‘Mystic Manor’. We haven’t tried the ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ ride though because of limited time, but I think this is great for families too.

If you can take some time off with the kids, the ‘Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars’, ‘Hyperspace Mountain’ and ‘RC Racer’ was fun and would give you some heart-stopping moments.

To check if this Hong Kong Disneyland rides suits you, don’t forget to check the Hong Kong Disneyland map. They have helpful notes about the ride and whether or not you can try it.

Disneyland HK Travel Tips

Travel Tips Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland

Of course, we want to have fun when we visit Disneyland. So here are some practical tips we’d like you to remember!

1. Wear comfortable and weather-appropriate clothes when you visit. Always remember to check out the weather a day before to ensure that you dress appropriately. Hong Kong has a subtropical climate and the temperature ranges from 10˚C to 33˚C.
2. Put on comfortable and sturdy footwear. You will be spending most of the time standing up and walking around. So remember to wear comfortable walking shoes.
3. Apply sunscreen especially during the summer to avoid sunburns and skin problems.
4. Stay hydrated and bring lots of water with you. They have refilling stations so you can refill anytime.
5. Bring small snacks to keep the little ones (and your tummy) happy. Bringing meals are not allowed inside, but you can definitely bring some chips and crackers for the kids when they get hungry outside of regular meal times.
6. Keep your eyes on your belongings. There are plenty of people around and you don’t want to misplace your phones, your cash or your bags.
7. If you are with a group, stay connected by using unlimited wi-fi connection. You don’t want to spend your time keeping track of everyone in the group!

Hope this will help you plan your perfect day at Hong Kong Disneyland!

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Hong Kong Disneyland with Family Hong Kong Disneyland with Family


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