No one wants to get in trouble while on travel especially if you are with your family. For sure, you want everything to be in its proper place and you want to take a less stressful trip to make it a lot more enjoyable. You don’t want to worry about flight delays, restaurants to eat in, language barriers, currency confusion and others. All your worries will be washed away if you have travel apps in your iPad or android phones.

Make your life a lot easier with some travel apps that can help you organize your trip. Get everything you need in your travels at your fingertips using the travel apps we have listed below. You will certainly be amazed and pleased at the same time that you won’t need to do things on your own. You will be guided by the travel apps which are created to make a travelers life more fun and relaxing. Check out the apps that we have featured. These can be paired with some travel gadgets that you will bring during the trip.

1. TripIt.


Download TripIt

TripIt is a travel planner that helps you organize your travel. You don’t have to worry much about your schedules. You can also forward email confirmations about your trip to TripIt so that everything will be organized and you won’t have to go far to check things related to your trip.

2. XE Currency.

XE Currency

Download XE Currency

This app will be very helpful especially if you intend to go to different countries. You don’t have to worry about currencies because you will get the right conversion based on the current rate.

3. AccuWeather for iPhone.

AccuWeather for iPhone

Download AccuWeather

Aside from the present weather update, you can also check the weather for tomorrow using this app. You will surely be able to prepare for your next activities during the trip.

4. TripAdvisor Offline City Guides.

TripAdvisor Offline City Guides

Download TripAdvisor

Reviews on hotels, restaurants and others can be seen in this app. Also, it helps you look for one that is near in your area. It can give you some advice and guides on what places you can visit, restaurants to dine in and hotels to stay in.



Download KAYAK

Have plans in travelling around the world? This app will surely help you. It can give you travel fare rates from different parts of the world while taking a look at the world map. It also allows you to search flight details for your travel.

6. Goby.


Download Download Goby

Get a list of cool things to do in the place you are in. It ranges from tourist spots, sports events and even outdoor recreation. You will be updated with the latest events in a certain place and will also be given a map on how to get there.

7. Google Translate.

Google Translate

Download Google Translate

Language is one thing that matters when you go to different places. So, this app would go handy since you will not just be able to translate texts into other languages but you can also speak using the language you know and it will translate it into whatever language you want. Isn’t that cool?

8. Hotel Tonight.

Hotel Tonight

Download Hotel Tonight

You won’t need to go far in order to book a hotel even in the last minute because Hotel Tonight can do it for you. You can even have access to hotel deals that would suit your needs and your budget.

9. Free Wi-Fi Finder.

Free Wi-Fi Finder

Download Wi-Fi Finder

A free app that will help you look for Wi-Fi hotspots which will save you from going around the city if you really need faster internet connection.

10. WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp Messenger

Download WhatsApp Messenger

Save a lot of money from text and call charges by communicating with family and friends using this app. It allows you to exchange photos, videos, pictures and notes to other people wherever you are in the world. This sure is convenient!

11. SOS Rescue Tools.

SOS Rescue Tools

Download SOS Rescue Tools

When travelling, there are some unexpected occurrences and accidents that may happen. Hence, it is important to keep yourself safe while on the road especially if you are not familiar with the place. With this app, you can report accidents using GPS to find locations and you have access to all the emergency numbers for every country. Wherever you are in the world, you will have the peace of mind while on travel.

12. GasBuddy.


Download GasBuddy

Need gas but you do not know where to get one? Use Gas Buddy for it will help you find the cheapest gas station near you and it can certainly help you save gas since you won’t need to roam around the city just to look for a gas station.

13. Living Earth.

Living Earth

Download Living Earth

Living Earth is an app that not just only shows an area’s weather but it can also tell time and be your alarm clock. But what sets it apart from other apps of similar functions is its stunning 3D simulation showing live global cloud patterns, storms and others.

14. OpenTable.


Download Download OpenTable

Want to book a table to your favorite restaurant? Use this app to do that and get access to menus, diner ratings and reviews of restaurants. You will also be able to look for restaurants near you.

15. Foursquare.


Download Foursquare

Check-in to wherever restaurant, bar or sights you are currently in to tell your friends where you have been. Also, you can get access to recommended spots while on a new place. Get directions, menus, photos and feedback from other people who had visited the place.

Cool, right? You will no longer worry about organizing your travel, knowing the weather condition of a certain place, checking restaurants and hotels and even getting flights. Everything can be done by the apps we have mentioned above. Some of them are free while others are sold for a minimal price. Why not try some of them too? It can, no doubt, help you get a stress-free trip to a place you are unfamiliar of.

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