You’ll surely get excited when you are about to leave for a trip. So, you’ll prepare all the stuff you want to bring and end up with three or more bags. Well, do you think it would be easy to bring all your stuff to the airport or to the hotel? Just imagine the hassle it could give you. What you should do is eliminate stuff and lessen your luggage. One carry-on and one luggage is enough. This is what we call travelling light.

Not everyone could master the art of travelling light but everyone should try to do it. It can give you numerous advantages which can even contribute to having a fun-filled trip. So, if you wonder why there is a need to travel light or if you still insist in carrying all the stuff you want to bring, check on the points below. It might change your mind and you might consider traveling light in the end of this article. Read on and learn the reasons why you should travel light.

1. Travel ease.

Travel ease

The one big reason why you should travel light is this. It would be a lot easier to travel with a few things to carry. So, no matter how far you will be going, you will have easier mobility with a lighter bag. You can have more fun while on travel and miss the stressful and hassle part of minding your luggage.

2. Easy preparation.

Easy preparation

Packing is one thing that bothers most travelers because there would be a need to fit in all the things they want to bring for just a single bag. Well, just imagine how tiring it would be to pack so many bags! Hence, pack light while choosing only those that you really need for your travel. This will make it a lot easier for you to prepare your stuff. You can start by listing the things you need and then you can still eliminate some while you do the packing.

3. Easy to secure.

Easy to secure

It would be a headache if you need to look into so many bags just to make sure that you won’t lose one. Your thoughts will be focused only on one or maybe two bags if you travel light. You won’t need to worry a lot about how to look into your stuff especially if you are travelling alone or you are travelling with kids. Your sense of security is greatly enhanced.

4. Save money.

Save money

Yes, you will be able to save a lot if you travel light. You won’t need to pay more for transportation or even for taxi because you won’t occupy the entire cab. Also, you will be saved from paying for checked-in baggage and for extra charges if the weight of your bags exceeds the limit. Instead of spending money for your luggage, you can spend it to have a great time in your travel.

5. Flexibility.


Walking past a crowd of people will be easier with one or two bags with you. You will also find it easier to walk on the plane while you locate your seat. Another thing, you can just place your luggage under the seat or on the overhead bin without hassle. You won’t need to call for help from a steward in order to position your stuffs well.

6. Easy to carry.

Easy to carry

Well, obviously, it is easier to carry light bags than heavy ones. Choose bags that are light because there are bags that are already heavy even if they are still empty. Using light bags and placing light stuff inside it will give you a light luggage to carry with the complete stuff you need for your travel. You will feel at ease if you could carry your stuff well and comfortably.

7. Free from muscle pain.

Free from muscle pain

Health wise, travelling light is good. You know why? Because if you carry so many luggage or you have a very heavy bag, you will have muscle pains and back pains. Who wants to feel tired, exhausted and in pain while on a trip? No one. So, save yourself from pain by bringing easy to carry bags.

8. You can walk around with it.

You can walk around with it

We have tackled on security already. You want to make sure that your belongings are safe, you don’t want to leave it just anywhere. Hence, it is always safer to just carry your bags around with you when you go somewhere. Imagine dragging so many bags with you, that would definitely be hard. But lighter bags could be carried with you when you walk around.

9. More practical.

More practical

Of course it is practical. Just imagine that you would carry your bag from your home to the airport then from the airport to your hotel. When you get to the hotel, you would need to bring that to your room. Wouldn’t it be better if you have a lighter luggage so it would be easier to bring them from one place to another?

10. Courtesy to other travellers.

Courtesy to other travellers

You are not the only one travelling. If you have so many luggage with you, you might block ways and even cause delays that would annoy other passengers who are in a hurry to get to their flights. Aside from that, you might use the entire overhead bin and leave no space for other passengers. You want to have a good time while on travel, so are other passengers. So, don’t do anything that would annoy them and would ruin their enjoyable trip.

So, have you decided to travel light now? Well, you should. You don’t want to feel stressed just because of the number of bags you carry or due to the heavy load you bring with you while on the trip. The points we have stated above will surely encourage you to learn how to travel light because travelling with heavy stuff is no joke and no fun at all! So, the next time you’ll board the plane, make sure you’ll travel light.

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Reasons why you should travel light. Travel Tips. Travel Light. #traveltips #travellight #reasonstravellight

Reasons why you should travel light. Travel Tips. Travel Light.