We all love a good seascape photo. And Boracay has one of the most picturesque and amazing seascapes you can ever enjoy. That’s why a Boracay photo is always a good souvenir above anything else from the island.

If you have been to Boracay before and after its rehabilitation, you will see the difference between the two and how the local government is trying their best to improve it. While some local employees disagree (those that we have talked to anyways during our recent trip to Boracay) with the rules and regulations being implemented, most guests visiting can see the difference between then and now.

Why Boracay?

Boracay Beach

The Boracay Island in the Philippines is a popular tourist destination – one that may almost always comes to mind when thinking of top places to visit in the country.

It is a small island in the Western Visayas island-group, famous for its white-sand beaches and many water sports and activities. It’s been called a paradise by many people, especially foreigners who seek some suntan. The high influx of tourists coming into the island is a testimony in itself.

The picturesque view of Boracay is primarily headed by the white beach that runs 4 kilometers along the west coast of the island. It is one of the most popular destination choices for anyone wishing for a romantic getaway for couples, relaxing vacation with the family and fun trip with friends.

Apart from the relaxing ambiance, the island also caters to a wide palate of tastes as evident by the various food establishments around White Beach.

And finally, if you love good photography, Boracay is one of the top choices.

Boracay Photos: Then and Now

Boracay has been one for party and nightlife. Before, there will be beach parties, live music and fire dances along White Beach every night. And in the morning, there’ll be plenty of merchants roaming about offers products and services.

Here are some photos of Boracay then.

View Upon Arrival

I remember seeing this as we were taken to the island from Caticlan (the nearest point of entry to Boracay).

Parasailing in Boracay

These are some of the Paraw Sunset Sailing on the island. It is still available even after the rehabilitation.

Boracay in Photo Sand Castles

These are the sandcastles that were available along the shoreline of the island. Tourists who wish to have their picture taken here were asked to give a sort of ‘donation’ or tip before they can have their picture was taken.

Willy's Rock Boracay

The famous Willy’s Rock in Station 1. This is a favorite landmark for tourists visiting Boracay.

Boracay Sea

Boracay’s famous beach after sunset.

Boracay Fire Dancer

This is one of the constant attraction on the island before. There would be fire dancers on the beach. They would be either sponsored by the hotels as crowd magnet.

Today, they are fewer and seldom seen on the beach. I think I only saw one group dancing near one of the hotels in the area.

Boracay in Photos

The beach in the morning. We visited the island in June, so it still had pleasant weather.

Here are some photos of Boracay now.
Boracay Beachfront

After the rehabilitation, all the establishments were asked to move back at least 30-meters from the shoreline. This gave tourists more room to roam about.

Boracay Beach Front

This is what I liked about the recent look of the island. The beautiful beachfront is more emphasized now.

Boracay Sunset

The Boracay sunset is one of the highlights when you visit the island. People would gather near just to witness it.

Paddle Board

You can rent a paddleboard anytime in Boracay. When we visited the rate was at 600 Php per hour.

Willy's Rock Today

Willy’s Rock today. Thankfully they still managed to preserve the rock after the rehabilitation.

Paraw Sailing Bora

The Paraw Sailing activity is also still available today for those who want to see the sunset onboard them.

Beach Front with Establishments

Look how busy the entire area still is, but with considerable space on the beachfront for people to walk about.

Bora Beach in the Morning

Our morning view of the beach. I loved this time of the day: not to hot and less crowded.

If we compare the Boracay photos above, nothing has really changed in the island. Boracay has just got more organized and more in control. There are several rules and regulations currently in place and the local and national government are more involved with how the island is run.

Personally, I find it more pleasant to bring kids when you visit because it is more kid and family friendly now than it was then. But of course, there are still a lot of activities for adults and grown-ups.

Hope these photos have inspired you to visit one of the Philippines’ top tourist destination!

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