Need to convince a friend, a partner or a family member why you need to visit Taiwan? Well, look no further because this Taiwan pictures will spark your wanderlust!

I know Taiwan is popular for its delicious street food, numerous night markets, and its milk tea! But one thing that I did not expect was how picturesque the country was until our trip this year.

This collection of amazing Taiwan pictures is a testimony of how the country has captured my heart in so many ways!

During the trip, we have joined a historic walking tour, went up the Taipei 101, explored some night markets, and joined day tours out of Taipei to gorgeous locations in Taiwan.

Of all the places we have visited, you can see how Taiwan has so many different faces! And this, most of all, has made the country so exciting to visit.

Taiwan Pictures to Fall In Love With

If you still need a little bit of push to book that ticket, well I am sure these Taiwan pictures will be the only convincing you will need.

Check out these Taiwan photos we have compiled for you!


Our 1st and 2nd days were spent in Taipei. We explored some parts of the city that were easily accessible from our location. Come and take a look at our Taiwan pictures of Taipei!

Taipei Aerial View

View of Taipei upon our arrival from Manila, Philippines. This is such a great view especially after the long wait in NAIA.

Arrival Hall at Taoyuan International Airport

Part of the arrival hall at the Taoyuan International Airport before we lined up at the Immigration.

On Board the Taoyuan Airport MRT

Our first view of Taiwan onboard the Taoyuan Airport MRT going to Taipei. It was a bit gloomy on our arrival, but of course, it did not lessen the excitement of finally being able to explore this side of Asia.

Foggy Mountain

Another view of the train. Look at the fog coming from the mountain!

Skyscrapers in Taiwan

Skyscrapers along the way. Taiwan is not a metropolis like Hong Kong nor it is as modern as Singapore, but it has a certain charm that we love!

View of Taipei from the Train

We are about to enter Taipei and this is another view that we have enjoyed!

Taipei Main Station

View after alighting the train at the Taipei Main Station. We were already hungry at this time and we’re looking for a place to grab a bite.

Hello Taipei

Hello Taipei! One of the views that greeted us after emerging from the MRT Station. We were starting to look for the Pillow Hostel where we were going to stay for the entire trip!

Locals in Taipei

Locals going about their daily routine. This is us going to the hostel.

Cute Displays

Cute displays at the entrance of the MRT station. We got lost a little bit but since we were relieved of our bags and were full, it was no problem at all!

Taipei 101

Our first view of the Taipei 101!

Inside Taipei 101

This is inside the Taipei 101 tower. There is a commercial space inside where you can buy luxury items.

Views from the Taipei 101

One of the first views we saw after alighting at the Taipei 101 elevator.

Taipei Rural

This is one of my favorite views as it shows that despite the skyscrapers and development, Taipei still has preserved its mountains.

Longshan Temple

The Longshan Temple in Taipei. This is one of the spots we have visited during the free historic walking tour.

Waterfall Longshan Temple

This is in the complex of the Longshan Temple, just right beside the entrance gate.

Altar at the Longshan Temple

Inside the Longshan Temple where offerings are made and devotees pray.

Highway in Taipei

During the walking tour as we were on our way to the Presidential Office Building.

Gates in Taipei

One of the gates of the influential families in Taipei a long time ago.

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

The Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. It is one of Taipei’s famous landmarks and a must-visit!

Taipei MRT Station to the Taipei Zoo

On our way to the Taipei MRT Station of the Taipei Zoo for our ride of the Maokong Gondola

Views from the Maokong Gondola

View of the highway on board the Maokong Gondola.

At Maokong

The main road outside of the Maokong Gondola Station. We are ready to grab some lunch and taste some milk tea!

Taipei Skyline from the Gondola

The Taipei skyline onboard the Gondola. The sun is setting here and the view is breathtaking!

Skyscrapers Light Up in the Night

We availed of the night tour of the hop-on-hop-off bus and enjoyed the sights of the city as it lights up.

Northern Coast

On our 3rd day, we visited the Northern Coast. Here is a sneak peek of our Taiwan pictures in its northern coast area.

Queen's Head

This is a replica of the ‘Queen’s Head’, one of the most astonishing rock formations in the park

Taiwan pictures of the Yehliu Geopark

Here’s a view of the amazing landscape at the Yehliu Geopark. This is from the Viewing Deck. It was a hot day when we visited.

Rock Formations with Lots of People

This is the pathway where tourists can get close to the rock formations and to take photos. There are guards monitoring the area. So if you get too close, be sure that you’ll be reprimanded.

Pathway to More Rock Formations

This is the pathway towards the other rock formations. It was a not-so-windy but definitely hot kind of day.

Taiwan pictures of the Jiufen Old Street

Some sights at the Jiufen Old Street. There are lots of shopping opportunities here and lots of food stalls!

Overlooking view at the Old Street

Here’s a view from the very edge of the Jiufen Old Street. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Jiufen Golden Waterfall

One of our stops during the Northern Coast Tour. This golden waterfall may be small compared to the Shifen waterfall, but it looks amazing!

Jinguashi Gold Mine

A photo of what used to be a gold mine in Taiwan. This is the view that faces the Ying Yang Sea.

Shifen Waterfalls

A view of the Shifen Waterfall from one of its viewing deck. We spent an hour here, eating delicious fishballs!

Shifen Bridge

This is the bridge that serves as a pathway towards the Shifen Waterfall. There were a lot of people when we visited and the structure was swaying as we were passing through.

Shifen Lanterns

These are some of the lanterns that were released by tourists visiting this side of Shifen. It’s a small town with lots of stores and stalls that you can enjoy a walk-in.


On the day of our flight, we took a quick day trip to Taichung and enjoyed its picturesque attractions. Here’s a gallery of our Taiwan pictures in Taichung!

Taiwan Pictures of the Road to Taichung

Here’s one of the views that we saw on our way to Taichung. We got stuck for 2-3 hours in the traffic. So this was an exciting time because we knew we were near our destination.

Fields of Flowers in Houli

Fields of flowers at the Houli Flower Farm – a dream for Instagram lovers!

Fields of Lavender

This is the farm’s field of lavenders! People were lining up on this grand piano (not on photo) to take a picture of themselves. I can’t blame them because it looks dramatic! I didn’t bother though as posing for photos like that are never really my thing.

Xinshe Castle at the Ximending

The fort a Summit Resort where we took an hour exploring! You’ll definitely go back in time!

Structures at the Summit Resort

Another structure at the Summit Resort. This is near the entrance and guests can linger on the benches.

Benches at the Resort

There are lots of photo opportunities at the resort and you can get lost in its gorgeous landscape.

Bridge at the Ximen Castle

Here’s another view of the landscape with the stone bridge.

Artistic Paints at the Rainbow Village

Here’s one of the painted walls at the Rainbow Village.

Painted Walls of the Rainbow Village

Check out the colorful walls here.

Path Towards Rainbow Village

Path to the Rainbow Village. Lots of people were also here trying to get a good photo.

Gaomei Wetlands

View of the windmills while we were approaching the Gaomei Wetlands.

Gaomei Wetlands and the Windmills

A view of the path towards the sea. Look at that crowd!

So… Did these Taiwan pictures make you want to book a ticket now? I certainly hope so!

Taiwan is indeed lovely and I am sure you’d love it too!

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