Dubbed as the ‘Island Born of Fire’, Camiguin is an amazing place to explore and get in touch with nature. I, for one, have been enthralled by the beauty of the white sand beaches, colorful corals and has been intrigued by its history and how it came to be. Indeed, the Camiguin tourist attractions have stolen my heart!

The island is surrounded with numerous volcanoes (four stratovolcanoes), hot and cold springs and amazing waterfalls. Camiguin is perfect for those who love exploring nature, be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and just have a stress-free travel!

The most common way of going around the island from one spot to anotherr is riding a multicab. It’s a smaller version of the Filipino Jeepney seen at the larger cities, although of course, you have the option to ride the tricycle.

My friends and I hired a multicab as our means of transportation during our visit to see all Camiguin tourist attractions. We had around 2-3 days exploring this small island and we had the time of our lives!

Camiguin Tourist Attractions To Include In Your Itinerary

So what makes Camiguin a popular tourist attraction? Here are some of the places that we visited during our travel:

1. Katibawasan Falls

Camiguin Tourist Attractions: Katibawasan Falls

On top of our Camiguin tourist attractions itinerary was a visit to the Katibawasan Falls. Its one of the must-see falls in Camiguin, measuring about 250-feet high with a partially man-made pool at the bottom.

It is maintained by the government, thus the minimal entrance fee and the enclosure that surrounds the area. The ice-cold water of the falls is a must-try especially on a hot day.

There are rock tables that you can use should you wish to spend the entire day. You can also try their crispy Kiping (a local delicacy made from cassava with sweet syrup) at the entrance. It’s pretty yummy!

2. Mantigue Island

Camiguin Tourist Attractions: Mantigue Island

If you are into corals, well this is the place for you! Diving and snorkeling are some of the activities that you can enjoy here not to mention the picturesque backdrop of Camiguin Island.

Our guide also showed us this giant clams near the island. Be sure to bring your gear to enjoy it.

We had our lunch here under the shade of the trees. There is a small canteen where you can order food for a price. Such an amazing place to relax!

3. Giant Clams Sanctuary

Camiguin Tourist Attractions: Giant Clams Sanctuary

With an entrance fee of 100 Php or 1.97 USD given a guided tour of the giant clams being housed on a man-made pool.

Our tour guide during our visit was a young girl who knew a lot about the giant clams. It was pretty amazing listening to her talk about the clams diligently.

Aside from the giant clams on the man-made pool, they also have giant clams in their natural habitat (you have to pay another 150 Php or 2.99 USD to get a closer look).

4. J and A Fishpen Resort and Restaurant

Camiguin Tourist Attractions: J and A Fishpen Resort and Restaurant

Looking for a place to have lunch or dinner while visiting all of Camiguin tourist attractions? Try something delicious and fresh at the J and A Fishpen Resort and Restaurant. It’s one of Camiguin’s great places to dine in with its amazing views of the water and beautiful landscapes as a backdrop.

In our case, since we already had lunch, we just ordered some drinks to freshen us up.

5. Ardent Hibok Hibok Hot Springs

Camiguin Tourist Attractions: Ardent Hibok Hibok Hot Springs

Camiguin has several springs that one should not miss when visiting the island and one of them is the Ardent Hibok Hibok Hot Springs.

Steam can be seen rising from the 6 pools of hot springs so it is definitely a relaxing way to ease those muscles after a long and fun day of exploring Camiguin.

6. White Island

Camiguin Tourist Attractions: White Island

Do you love white sandbars as much as I do? Well, the White Island should definitely be on top of your list of Camiguin tourist attractions to explore! This is one of Camiguin’s most popular places to visit.

We headed to the White Island early in the morning on our 2nd day in Camiguin. It was a short ‘banca’ ride from the mainland to the island.

The island is purely white sand – no trees or any form of shelter, so it is generally preferred to be visited early morning when the sun is not so high up.

Not unless of course you are the type who love soaking up the sun for hours. The view is super breathtaking that you can’t help yourself but take tons of pictures and take as many selfies as you can!

7. Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross

Camiguin Tourist Attractions: Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross

Want a little hike? Camiguin also has an 8 km path to the top of an old volcano to heat up your body! The hike to the top is dotted with 14 life-sized stations, which is a favorite during the Lenten Season.

Despite the long hike, the view from the top is equally rewarding so be sure to take a snap or two from your camera and those extra water bottle to keep you hydrated!

8. Old Church Ruins

Camiguin Tourist Attractions: Old Church Ruins

One of our stops during our trip around Camiguin tourist attractions is to the Old Church Ruins in Catarman. The ruins represents a very sad part of the island’s history.

Devastated by the eruption of Mount Vulcan during the 1870’s, the walls of the church, the old bell tower and the convent beside it is all that was left standing.

Today, the Old Church Ruins is a historical landmark worth visiting.

Old Church Ruins Tree

Don’t forget to take pictures of the towering tree inside!

9. Sunken Cemetery

Camiguin Tourist Attractions: Sunken Cemetery

Among the famous spots of Camiguin is the Sunken Cemetery. Its rich history is equally as interesting as the corals surrounding the landmark.

We were greeted by several souvenir shops on our way to the shore where we rode a small ‘banca’ to the infamous cross. After taking some pictures of the cross, we readied ourselves for snorkeling.

There were guides who took us on a tour around the landmark. We were even taken out to the original cross submerged under the water a few meters from the big cross. It was a long way but I think the view of the corals was worth it. 🙂

10. Sto. Nino Cold Spring

Camiguin Tourist Attractions: Sto Nino Cold Spring

Feeling hot especially this summer? Well, a dip to the Sto. Nino Cold Springs will surely take away those heat from your body!

We had our lunch at the Sto. Nino Cold Springs (they have cottages as well as tables and chairs – with reasonable price – for those wanting to stay the entire afternoon and you can order food at their canteen) and bravely tried the ice cold water of the spring.

The entrance fee is very cheap (around 50 Php or 0.98 USD) so you will notice a lot of families and friends spending their entire day here.

11. Tuasan Falls

Camiguin Tourist Attractions: Tuasan Falls

We went to the Tuasan Falls in the afternoon on our 2nd day in Camiguin. The road going to the falls was pretty new- it was said to be a project of the local government to make the falls accessible to the public.

It was a short walk from the entrance and as you go nearer, you can breath in the freshness and cleanliness of the area. The water is really cool against your skin and is very clear that you wouldn’t resist taking a short dip.

12. Bura Soda Water Park

Camiguin Tourist Attractions: Bura Soda Water Park

Before we retired for the day, we had a quick visit to the Bura Soda Water Park. We did not get a chance to take a dip to the pool, but we were able to enjoy the green scenery nevertheless.

Entrance free ranges from 10 Php to 20 Php (0.10 to 0.20 USD) per person (at the time of our visit) plus additional fee if you would use their cottages and tables.

Camiguin Delicacy: Vjandep Pastel

And of course, you must try out Camiguin’s Vjandep Pastel. Its a soft and small bun with yummy yema filling, just perfect with a cup of coffee! We were able to visit one of their outlets/ branches in town.

Choosing the right travel destination is very important for you to have fun! So, who among you here have visited Camiguin? Drop us your comments and share with us your most memorable Camiguin trip!

Here is a quick look of our Camiguin Tourist Attractions Adventure!

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What Camiguin Tourist Attractions You Should Not Miss. This lists popular tourist destinations when you visit the island of Camiguin in Mindanao, Philippines. You can include these on your 2-day itinerary to Camiguin. #travel #destination #camiguintouristattractions #philippines #osmiva What Camiguin Tourist Attractions You Should Not Miss. This lists popular tourist destinations when you visit the island of Camiguin in Mindanao, Philippines. You can include these on your 2-day itinerary to Camiguin. #travel #destination #camiguintouristattractions #philippines #osmiva
What Camiguin Tourist Attractions You Should Not Miss. This lists popular tourist destinations when you visit the island of Camiguin in Mindanao, Philippines. You can include these on your 2-day itinerary to Camiguin. #travel #destination #camiguintouristattractions #philippines #osmiva