Traveling for work can be fun with the right gear, gadgets and accessories! If you know someone who does, I’m pretty sure he/she will love these gifts for business travelers!

Business travels can be very demanding with all deliverables, meetings, deadlines you need to cope before, during and after every travel. But it can be fun and exciting too!

I have often enjoyed my business travels before when doing my corporate job. Of course, there were setbacks, but it was always exciting to be going places and meeting new people everyday.

One of the few things that I’ve come to appreciate when on business travels are having the right travel gadgets and accessories with me everywhere I go.

I remember having my own ready-to-use toiletries kit, where the items just stay inside when I’m at home and gets replaced only when needed. My trusty travel bag (I’ve had two, one for long duration trips and one for the shorter ones). And of course my travel accessories that never fails me.

If you have a loved one who travels for work, below are some items that he/she will surely love. While it is true that they may already have the basic things that they’ll need with all the traveling they do, I’m pretty sure there’s a thing or two missing.

The gifts for business travellers sums up some of the most important thing any business traveler will love to have.

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Business Travel Bags

Travel bags not only play an important role when we travel as a means of carrying our stuff. It’s design and functionality also plays a vital role. Below are some of the bags that business travelers will find useful:

Travel Suit Bag

Crospack’s Travel Suit Bag is perfect for businessmen who needs to wear suits and are attending formal events. The bag comes with a fixed hanger to keep your suit flat and crease-free plus functional pockets for accessories and gadgets.

Business Case

If you have a lot of paperworks with you, plus your laptop is big and bulky (office-issued laptops are often like that), then Samsonite’s Classic Business Case is the perfect fit for you.

It has several pockets for your documents, accessories and other work-related stuff. Plus, the handle is reliable that you wouldn’t want to worry about it breaking while on travel.

Rolling Laptop Case

If carrying heavy laptops with you is a burden, a rolling laptop case is something you should consider.

Solo’s rolling laptop case is designed for the on-the-go professionals with its large and padded interior compartments. This will definitely take-off the stress of carrying heavy bags on your back.

Laptop Backpack

If travel laptop bags are your thing, this travel laptop bag from Matein is the perfect fit for you with its safe and convenient design. The bag also has plenty of space and pockets for your accessories and stuff.

Canvas Duffle Bag

For short travels, the canvas duffle bag from Kemy’s are a perfect gift for business travelers. The bag has cotton lining and can be easily washed in hand.

The compartments can also comfortably fit clothes and additional stuff for your overnight business trip!

Business Travel Accessories

Travel accessories are important as they serve as support for your daily needs when you travel.

For business travelers who only seek efficiency and convenience, a good and functional travel accessory will help them function much more better. Here are some cool travel accessories that I’m sure they will appreciate:

Padfolio Bundle

Bring and organise your notes, lists, cards and gadgets with you while travelling with this Padfolio Bundle from Samsill. This organiser comes with a document storage, tablet sleeve, removable clipboard, and refillable writing pad. Perfect for on-the-go business travel.

Fireproof Document Bag

When we go on business trips, most often than not we are bringing important documents with us. This includes documents for signatories, agreements, contracts and the like.

One worry for any business traveler is getting these documents wet, or worst, burned. The document bag from Colcase is the answer to erase those worries away. It has double layer protection, with non-itchy silicone coated fibreglass and is water resistant.

Portfolio Case

If you need a personal document organiser when you travel on business, this portfolio case from AmazingStuffs is a great travel accessory for any business traveler.

The document folder has RFID blocking protection, is durable and is multipurpose.

Personal Travel Accessories

Don’t we love comfort at home? Even more so when we are away, traveling either for work and for leisure.

Below are some cool personal travel accessories that business travelers will love to have to keep their stuff (especially their clothes).

Plus, we’ve added some great personal items to accessorise business outfits on the go.

Garment Folder

For official business travels, wrinkles and creases are some of your problem. Secure your clothes by using Bagsmart’s luggage travel gear garment folder. The item has 2-wing stretch compression and helps organise your clothes.

Instant-Steam Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer

When wrinkles are avoidable, this garment and fabric steamer will be useful for any business traveler who needs to have a wrinkle-free and crisp look for his/ her clients. This steamer from Secura is portable and lightweight, making it a good travel companion!

Knit Blazer

Business travelers love some casual blazers to wear for business meetings. This Auliné knit blazer is comfy, stylish and lightweight. Make this great outfit a gift for any business traveler!

Foldable Travel Ballet Flats

For offices, we (women) mostly wear pumps or patterned heels to work. But when we travel, it’s something to think about as you’ll be balancing between appropriateness and convenience.

This foldable ballet flats from Solmates are perfect for female business travelers as they are comfortable and non-slip. They are also pretty stylish too and can be worn to meet clients.

Fashionable Scarves

Accessorise your business looks when you travel with the silk scarves from DanDiao. The scarves are made from polyester silk and are decorated in vibrant colours.

This set comes in 4 pieces which will surely delight any business traveler!

Not every traveler is the same and this is also true when we travel for work. Nevertheless, if there’s one thing that all travelers love, it’s the efficient and convenient things!

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Best Gifts For Business Travelers That They’ll Love. List of cool items that any business travelers will love. The list is composed of useful items for work and their convenience. #bestgifts #businesstravel #businesstravelers #giftsforbusinesstravelers #travelproduct #travelaccessories #traveltips #christmasgifts #valentinesgifts