Being ready once you are on travel is essential to avoid inconvenience while on the road or in an important event. One activity that provides a significant impact on how the upcoming days will progress depends on how we get ready and pack our bags and belongings.

Since our traveling bags are not magical (unlike those seen in films wherein all contents including several books and a tent can magically fit into a tiny purse), the most practical way of going to different places is by traveling lightly. Unlike bringing heavy luggage, going ‘light’ is more convenient and travel-friendly. From the basic and sensible needs to the unnecessary things, we have this tendency of forgetting the essentials. For a better traveling experience, the basic ‘what-to-pack- list’ will be a good start to ensure that you are ready.

Our packing list usually includes shirts, jeans, toiletries, camera, undies and cash. These are the basics of course for all types of travel. But then again there are still important items that we usually forget, especially if we’re too excited or too preoccupied. The following 10 Basic Items to Pack for Travelers are some basic add-ons that travelers usually forget and should be brought whenever one is traveling or going somewhere for a vacation or for business.

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1. Medicines (Mini First-Aid Kit)


This does not mean you need to have the standard first-aid kit. The basic medicines for cases like unexpected headaches, body-pains, motion sickness and hyper-acidity should be packed and ready. Bandages and anti-septic may also be considered. Remember, safety and health first!

2. IDs (Identification Card)

identification card

Some if not most of us, due to rushing perhaps, forget to bring IDs especially if were going out-of-town only – I should know, I tend to forget them myself. Bringing IDs are practical and very important especially for emergency case. Aside from this, there are establishments that would require IDs upon entering their premises.

3. Mobile Phones and Gadget Accessories

Mobile Phones

Since communication to our loved ones back home is essential, our mobile phones should be in-tact and have at least 50% of its remaining battery. You may be asking why this is on the list, well, mobile phones are sometimes misplaced due to excessive use while preparing. Better to secure your mobile phones by putting it on your pocket (jeans or travel bag) to avoid getting misplaced. Also, the gadgets we bring are useless without its accessories. Since some of these are small and easy to miss, we often forget about them. Placing these accessories into one bag or container allows you a more convenient way of retrieveing and storing them. Secure all your accessories including your trusty charger, extra batteries and headphones into your traveling bag while packing to ensure that they are not forgotten.

4. Sealable Plastics/ Large Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

Sealable plastics may be used for stowing small liquid containers. You may also consider putting your gadgets on these especially when traveling by sea or if expecting numerous encounter with bodies of water. The large plastic bags are useful for keeping and storing wet and used clothes that cannot be washed during the trip. It is advisable to separate them from the clean clothes to reduce the number of clothes for washing once returned back home.

5. Umbrella, Cap and Sunglasses

Umbrella and/or Cap

For a more comfortable trip, you may consider bringing your sunglasses, cap or your trustee umbrellas (except of course if you are traveling by plane since these are not allowed if you’re going light). Caps or an umbrella keeps you protected from too much sun or drizzle and will give you the advantage of not getting wet or get too sun-burned when out on the streets. Sunglasses too are essential for eye protection while on travel. It also allows you some sort of privacy while roaming the streets.

6. Slippers


When on travel, it is important to be comfortable. Bringing of slippers allows you to take a break from those stiff shoes that often makes your feet go hot while on the road.

7. Flashlight


Small yet useful, having a flashlight can be handy particularly for emergency situations.

8. Maps and Printout of Reservation

maps and print out

Before you go on your travel, ensure to bring a printout of your booking reservations. Modern technology offers paperless transactions, nevertheless, it pays if we are prepared for cases like power failures and ‘battery empty’ scenarios. Also, when traveling to unknown places, it is best if you have a copy of the map of the area and get some directions. This will ensure that you won’t get lost and not waste your time locating certain landmarks.

9. ATM Cards/ Traveler’s Checks

ATM Cards

ATM cards and traveler’s checks on hand will be great to secure yourself from being short on money while on the road.

10. Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

While on travel, it is unavoidable to touch various things especially if you are on tour and roaming around. Since it also unavoidable that you should get hungry and would want to eat, bringing your bottle of hand sanitizer is very convenient and advisable to avoid unwanted diseases.

The items included on the list are the basic or the most important things that you should pack. Some of these may also be included if you’re just out for a stroll. Being a girl or boy scout is a plus point to avoid inconvenience and hassle.

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Basic Items To Pack

Basic Items To Pack

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