Singapore is definitely one of those cities that we love to visit again and again.

Not only because of the discipline we see with the people but also because it is progressive, clean and modern.

I remember my husband telling me that cities always inspire him to be more innovative and creative. I never really understood it up until I visited Singapore. And I understood why.

Singapore’s architecture is not just modern but focuses on sustainability with vegetative landscapes on its various high-rise buildings. It always amazes how the city is able to build such modern structure yet still able to maintain its green landscapes.

The city itself is very picturesque with various opportunities for a good photo. You can get lost through towers of buildings and still see plants and trees almost everywhere.

I must admit that one of the reasons why we love traveling to cities is the burst of lights and sounds that only cities can show you. Such a great fuel of inspiration to a graphic designer and a travel blogger!

Let me show you some of our travel photos from our trip to Singapore and show you why we love going back!

Changi Airport

Singapore Photography: Changi Airport

Who can’t say no to the beauty of Changi International Airport? This was one of the amazing structures that greeted us on our arrival in Singapore years before.

Singapore Photography: Changi Airport

And another that bid us goodbye when we left! My husband who loves sci-fi movies, was delighted!

Marina Bay

Singapore Photography: Arts and Science Museum Singapore

Of course the views at Marina Bay can’t be missed with the numerous architectural wonders including the Arts and Science Museum which looks gorgeous during the golden hour.

Singapore Photography: Helix Bridge and Singapore Flyer

Same can be said with the Helix Bridge and the Singapore Flyer!

Singapore Photography: Merlion and Esplanade

The iconic Merlion of Singapore and the Esplanade at the background is always an eye-pleaser and a photo favourite too!

Singapore Photography: Marina Bay Sands

And who doesn’t love looking at the iconic Marina Bay Sands and its infinity pool!

Singapore Photography: Marina Bay Sands

The hotel also looks dazzling on the golden hour. Such a spendid sight to see!

Gardens By The Bay

Singapore Photography: Gardens By The Bay

The Gardens by the Bay can’t be missed too. During the day, the Supertrees are a sight to see!

Singapore Photography: Gardens By The Bay

And during the night, it lights up the sky with its incredible colours! Don’t miss its display of light and sounds at night.

Singapore Cable Car

Singapore Photography: Singapore Cable Car

The Singapore Cable Car is one of our favourite way to reach Sentosa Island. The views from up high is pretty cool.

Singapore Photography: Sentosa Island

Singapore Photography: Sentosa Island

I love the looking down below and see the Sentosa Island and its many attractions unfold before me.

Sentosa and Resorts World Singapore

Singapore Photography: Sentosa Merlion

We love saying hello to the Sentosa Merlion too. Though we haven’t got enough strength to climb it’s viewing tower though.. Maybe next time!

Singapore Photography: Resorts World Singapore

I love this sweet design at the the Resorts World Singapore. Makes you crave for something sweet!

Universal Studios Singapore

Singapore Photography: Universal Studios Singapore

The Universal Studios Singapore’s Globe does not grow old! It brings excitement and anticipation whenever I see this.

Singapore Photography: Universal Studios Singapore

Another sculpture that we loved looking at!

Singapore Photography: Universal Studios Singapore

One display that we saw at the Jurassic Park in Universal Studios Singapore. How we loved getting playful shots here and just generally being silly.

Singapore Photography: Universal Studios Singapore

Part of the facade of one of USS’ exhilarating rides, The Mummy!

Singapore Photography: Universal Studios Singapore

I always get such fuzzy feeling when I see this castle at the Far Far Away Park in Universal Studios.

Singapore Streets and Hi-Ways

Singapore Photography: Singapore Streets and Hi-Ways

One of the streets/ hi-ways we saw while familiarising the city. Loved how modern yet green it is!

Singapore Photography: Singapore Streets and Hi-Ways

And another one.. πŸ™‚ The city’s structures never fail to amaze me!

Admittedly, we have not explored much of Singapore. And, most of our photos seen here were pre-blogger days where it was more of our personal photos than that of the views. (You should see my personal FB page, I looked epic! hahaha).

Nevertheless, these are pictures as raw as you can get. Looking at them (and browsing through old files) can really inspire me to travel and see them again in person.

I hope to return to Singapore soon and get more inspiring photos to share here. Stay tuned!

Have you been to Singapore? What was your favourite and unforgettable sight? We’d love to hear from you!

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