The holiday season is fast approaching and people are already browsing through the list of things to buy for Christmas. And travelers are too! If you need ideas for unique gift ideas for travel lovers, then this list is for you!

Travelers love the gift of travel, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t love receiving one or two items too!

Buying a plane ticket or booking them a room at some hotel may kind of be expensive. And seeing that people differ with the way they travel, they might not enjoy it like you would think they would.

So… One of the best solutions will be to buy them something that they will use on their trip! Here are some unique gift ideas that travelers will love!

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Unique Travel Gifts for Him

Buying him a gift to accompany him when he’s out traveling can be a great idea. And one that he would appreciate too! Here are some cool and unique gift ideas!

Winter Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Another cool accessory is this beanie hat with a bluetooth. This is great for the outdoors.

Plus! The beanie hat can be used to answer calls without the need of getting your phone out. The hat is also washable and has a rechargeable battery.

Multifunction Pen

Men love having useful tools with them. That said, this tech tool pen is a unique travel gift that he will surely love.

The pen has 7 functions: pen, bottle opener, phone stand, ruler, stylus, and screw divers. This is TSA compliant too so it can be brought on the plane!

Magnetic Levitation Floating World Map

Men who need to work but would love to travel would love this floating world map. He can display this world map on his work table or in the bedroom.

The map is also great to teach your kids about geography!

Grip Scope

If he loves the outdoors, this retractable eyepiece is great for bird watching, hunting, archery, and hiking. The product has an optical glass and has BAK4 prism.

The eyepiece has a carry pouch with a belt loop, a cleaning cloth, and a neck strap. So you can carry it anywhere and is very handy.

Whiskey Globe Decanter Set

If the levitating globe is too dull for him, then this home accessory for him who loves to travel is an amazing and unique gift idea!

The whiskey globe decanter set is a great accessory for the home. It comes with 2 10 oz glasses, a ship, a wooden stand, a bottle stopper, silicone ice balls, and a pouring funnel.

Survival Gear Kits

You know how guys like tinkering and going on an adventure? Well, this survival kit might just be the gift your partner or your dad is looking for.

The kit has 13 items that are all light-weight and durable. It includes a compass, wire saw, water bottle kit, flintstone and scraper, survival knife and even an emergency blanket!

This is good for men who love the outdoors and going on adventures with family and friends!

Coffee Stainless Steel Container

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee especially on the go?

This coffee steel container is perfect for him who loves having a cup of coffee on the go. He can bring his favorite ground coffee even when traveling or on a road trip.

It has a date tracker, a measuring scoop and of course a travel jar.

Portable Multifunction Keychain

Another unique gift ideas that you can add on your list is this multi-functional keychain that he can bring anywhere!

It can be used as a charging cable, has a cable organizer and a bottle opening function. It’s portable and very handy!

Unique Travel Gift for Her

Girls want to have fun, more so when on a trip!

Below are some nice, thoughtful and unique travel gift ideas that you can give her!

Silver Compass Necklace

Ladies love jewelry, and this cute EFYTAL necklace will be a great accessory for her when she travels.

The necklace is made from 925 sterling silver and is beautifully gift wrapped when delivered on your doorstep – ready to be given to her.

Women Backpack

This anti-theft rucksack will be a thoughtful gift that she will appreciate for sure. The backpack has an anti-theft design and is roomy enough for gadgets like a laptop and an iPad.

It is lightweight and comes in various colors. Not only is the bag great for everyday use, but it is also a good travel companion.

Travel Make-Up Bag

Aside from jewelry, make-ups are a girl’s best friend too.

This travel cosmetic bag is perfect for the on-go ladies who love having their complete make-up set anywhere with them.

The bag has plenty of storage space, is compact and portable. It is also waterproof so no worries of ruining her items.

Book Light

This might seem too small, but any book and travel-lover gal will love this clip on reading light.

It is ultra-lightweight so she can carry it anywhere with her. This is perfect for long haul flights when everyone wants to sleep and at hostels after light-off when she wants some nighttime reading!

Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask

Sleeping can be made more relaxing with this sleep eye mask that is also a wireless headphone. This is a great unique travel gift for her who loves to stay in hostels with lots of people sharing the room.

This is also a great accessory to have on long flights if she loves to listen to music while sleeping.

Leather Travel Journal

If she loves keeping a journal, this leather travel journal is the perfect and unique travel gift for her!

The journal has blank paper so she can write or draw pictures on it. It is also refillable, small and portable.

Travel Wrap and Blanket

Girls love to accessorize, but also want something functional. This travel wrap is perfect for her especially when she’s on the go.

It is convenient and has a multi-functional design that is made from eco-friendly fabric. The wrap also has an air-activated neck-warmer and can be easily maintained.

Refillable Perfume Atomizers

Girls love to travel with their favorite fragrances, and this refillable perfume & cologne fine mist atomizers will come vary handy!

It is leak-proof and measures 0.75ā€ x 3.35ā€. The atomizer is composed of 4 parts: glass bottle, sprayer, plastic cap, and a bottom.

So… Have you seen a unique travel gift that he/ she might like? Don’t wait until it’s too late to order a gift!

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