Are you traveling while pregnant? Or maybe planning to. Here’s a quick practical tips for you.

Being pregnant can be really tough and can really be uncomfortable to you. It can be especially tough if you travel, not to mention the hassle that you will be imposing to your companions.

But! Don’t let it stop you from enjoying what you love most!

For some, traveling while pregnant may raise some eyebrows. Of course, that is quiet understandable since health and safety concerns for both the mother and child are prioritized. However, as long as certain precautions are taken, you should not worry about anything.

It should also be noted that pregnant women can only travel with their doctor’s approval. If there are complications during pregnancy, then there is a high chance that the most awaited trip may be postponed.

I, too, travelled while I was pregnant and it was very liberating and had me looking feeling happy for days. Pregnancy IS hard and not a walk in the park at all. Traveling while pregnant took my mind off from the pains of carrying a child and definitely took out the fear of child birth.

To help you prepare when you are traveling while pregnant, we have here a list of things that may help you enjoy that trip you have been looking forward to.

1. Secure your medical records if you plan on traveling while pregnant.

Tips to Pregnant Travels: Medical Records

Get your doctor’s approval above all else if you are planning on traveling while pregnant. Make sure that you are fit to travel, may it be locally or internationally. Health and safety risk is not an option.

If possible, set your monthly check-up a few days before your scheduled vacation. This is to ensure that the medical certificate you have is the latest, meaning it should be made or issued days before the trip.

There are airlines and port that do not allow pregnant women to travel, most especially if they are on the later part of their pregnancy. A latest medical certificate on-hand will avoid that unwanted hassle for you.

Also, it will be good if you can secure other relevant medical records, such as prenatal records and ultrasound, prior to your trip. Just in case :). Aside from this, remember to program your doctor’s number in your phone and your companions’.

2. Complete your prenatal vitamins and medications.

Tips to Pregnant Travels: Prenatal Vitamins

Keep your prenatal vitamins and medications on a separate case/ pouch. Make sure that it is accessible and can be easily retrieved when needed.

You may keep your medicines on your handbag or sling bag. This way, you can access it any time of the day, inside or outside the hotel or wherever you may be staying.

Remember to have enough vitamins and medications with you to last the entire trip. You may add an extra number of medicines with you, just in case.

3. Check the Weather

Tips to Pregnant Travels: Weather Update

It is important to remain healthy throughout and after the trip. Unwanted rain or unnecessary cold will be mostly unwelcome.

Checking the weather is a good way to do that. Listening/ watching the weather forecasts for the next couple of days is advisable.

You can prepare the clothes and accessories you might need. An umbrella, a cap, sunglasses, raincoat (the lightweight type) are some of the common item that you might need, of course, this depends on where you are going and its season.

4. Prepare an itinerary for your trip.

Tips to Pregnant Travels: Itinerary

Plan your trip ahead. Make sure that you get a couple of minutes’ rest during the entire trip. Knowing the place where you’re going, the stops that you will make and the amount of walking or swimming that you will be doing will help you get enough rest that you will need.

Also, a good traveller always plan ahead. This is to ensure that the trip will be maximized and that the places that you ought to visit will be visited.

5. Wear comfortable shoes on your trip.

Tips to Pregnant Travels: Comfortable Shoes

Being comfortable when you are traveling while pregnant is very very important. Hence, having appropriate shoes or foot wear should be on top of your list. Swollen feet and back pains are common when you’re pregnant.

It can get quite uncomfortable and will not be great on your vacation. You will need to be very comfortable during the entire trip, so a good pair of comfortable shoes will be very useful.

6. Bring small snacks on the trip.

Tips to Pregnant Travels: Small Snacks

One of the struggles of being pregnant is getting nauseous or being choosy when it come to the food or drink that you intake.

Having something to eat while you’re up and about is pretty good. It is advisable, then, if you can bring you own snacks.

Bland foods are mostly preferred, so you may want to take some of those. Otherwise, you may need to look for food or drinks that may satisfy your cravings or your wants.

Pregnant women should be extra careful with their intake to avoid getting sick. Eating healthy while on travel is a good thing to do.

A well-prepared travel can lessen you the unnecessary stress. Have fun and stay safe while traveling!

Did you find this tips on traveling while pregnant helpful? Let us know what you think!

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How To Conveniently Travel While Pregnant. Tips to make traveling while pregnant easier, more convenient and more memorable (without the stress and worry). Check out our blog post for more! #TravelTips #PregnantTravel #PregnantSafetyTips #osmiva How To Conveniently Travel While Pregnant. Tips to make traveling while pregnant easier, more convenient and more memorable (without the stress and worry). Check out our blog post for more! #TravelTips #PregnantTravel #PregnantSafetyTips #osmiva
How To Conveniently Travel While Pregnant. Tips to make traveling while pregnant easier, more convenient and more memorable (without the stress and worry). Check out our blog post for more! #TravelTips #PregnantTravel #PregnantSafetyTips #osmiva