Going to a place where you are not familiar with? Visiting a relative or a friend from afar? Invited to attend a seminar or a business meeting on a distant place? Sounds exciting, right?

But aside from the excitement that you feel, you will also need to prepare lots of things before a trip. You have to get ready for both expected and unexpected things that might occur. You will never know what is bound to happen when you are on a new place.

A new place includes not just new surroundings but also new people to meet, new learning from their culture and even new food to eat.

Talking about food, it is always important to have a happy tummy by eating the right food while on travel and avoiding those that would upset your stomach and would make you sick. Many travelers had experienced bad tummy while on a trip because of something that they have eaten.

This will surely spoil a vacation and you might end up lying in the hotel while your friends are out for an adventure. That would totally make you feel bad. So, be sure you know what to eat and what not to eat while on travel so that you can make the most of it. Check on the tips we have for you:

Do your research.

Avoiding Sickness Food: Do your research

Since you already know where you are going, do a research not just about the tourist spot on the area but also about the food. Locate restaurants that serve the best foods.

Try to know about their specialty so you can also try it and you will know how they are made and from what they are made of. Things like this will educate you about the food they have in that place and will surely protect you as well. You can also check on reviews online which can surely be helpful.

Know what to avoid.

Avoiding Sickness Food: Know what to avoid

You need to know what foods could cause tummy troubles for you. Sometimes that differ from one person to another but in general, there are certain food and beverages that most people needs to avoid while on travel.

This includes alcoholic drinks and carbonated beverages for this can cause dehydration and sometimes even bloating and cramping. You should also avoid fast foods like burgers or fries or other food from fast food places because these are hard for the body and could cause blood flow constriction.

Above all, avoid any type of food that could give you gas especially if you are on the airplane. Be careful with seafood dishes too because they can also cause intestinal problems when you are not used to it.

Look for safe water.

Avoiding Sickness Food: Stay hydrated

It is always important to be hydrated while travelling but be sure that you are drinking clean and safe water. To be sure, drink only those from sealed bottled water.

Try to research about reliable brands of water.

Observe food handlers.

Avoiding Sickness Food: Observe food handlers

When you buy food, look at those preparing and cooking the food. Do they look clean? Do they practice proper hygiene like tying the hair, clean hands and fingernails and wearing gloves?

If not, don’t buy from them because it might not be safe.

Spot for crowds.

Avoiding Sickness Food: Spot for crowds

Go with the flow. Restaurants that are filled with people serve delicious, safe and healthy food. They are also most probably affordable. So, try to check that place too.

Checking where the crowd goes gives you a signal that the place is a good place to eat.

Always wash fruits and veggies.

Avoiding Sickness Food: Always wash fruits and vegies

Another way to stay safe while on travel is to wash fruits and vegetables before you eat them. If you love to eat fresh food, then that is your edge from other travelers because this is also the safest pick.

It would even be safer if you are the one who peel the fruits instead of letting vendors peel them.

Know the safer foods to eat.

Avoiding Sickness Food: Know the safer foods to eat

When travelling, it is better to eat acidic fruits like pineapple and citrus. This will keep you from getting nauseous. You can eat nuts and other shelled food.

You can also look for food with spices like chilies in it for these have antibacterial properties.

Eat hot or cold.

Avoiding Sickness Food: Eat hot or cold

Always remember to eat hot food hot and cold food cold. This way, you are certain that the food is safe to eat.

It is just a simple thing but it does matter a lot. The condition and temperature of these foods can greatly affect them and those eating them.

Inspect the premises.

Avoiding Sickness Food: Pack snacks

Look around the area of the food stand or the restaurant. If their working area are clean and the food they are preparing are well kept, then it could be safe.

You can easily tell if the place is clean because their counter tops are always wiped. Trash is covered and is far from the work area. Watch for flies and other bugs too because this can also be one sign of not being clean.

Wash your hands.

Avoiding Sickness Food: Wash your hands

Eating and drinking isn’t just about what you eat and drink. But it is also about how you eat and drink.

Like what moms always tell their kids, “Always wash your hands before eating”. Your hands carry most of the bacteria especially if you are on travel where you are exposed to dust and germs.

Travelling would be a lot better if you are in good health. So, pick the right food and be sure to eat healthy and safe foods all the time.

Apart from the food, you should also get enough sleep and rest. This will condition your body for the rest of the trip. Also, practicing healthy eating on travel will also protect you from different sickness. No one wants to get sick while on an adventure!
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Travel Tips on Avoiding Sickness from Food #traveltips #foodsafetytips #healthytips #travelhealthtips #osmiva

Travel Tips on Avoiding Sickness from Food #traveltips #foodsafetytips #healthytips #travelhealthtips #osmiva

Travel Tips on Avoiding Sickness from Food #traveltips #foodsafetytips #healthytips #travelhealthtips #osmiva