Are you planning on a quick trip with the family in Hong Kong? If yes, then I know how it can be tricky at times. This Hong Kong itinerary for family below aims to help you plan your trip!

Family trips are fun especially if you get to spend it with kids. But it can be hard if you are dealing with multiple age groups.

On our recent trip to Hong Kong, I was tasked of planning our Hong Kong itinerary for family. Most of our companions are visiting Hong Kong for the first time, so it was assumed that they’d love to see most of the touristy stuff.

There are numerous family-friendly activities in Hong Kong, but one other thing that I considered was that we had kids and an elderly with us. So it was all about finding the most convenient and fun things for them. And well, for the adults too. LOL.

If you are planning a 5-day trip to the city-state, here is a Hong Kong itinerary for family that you can benchmark!

Hong Kong Itinerary for Family: Day 1

Cebu Airport

The first day of our trip started too early than what I would’ve liked it. But it was one of the cheapest options when we booked the tickets.

Our flight to Hong Kong was around 6 AM. And since it was an international flight we were at the airport 3-4 hrs before the flight. So most of us haven’t had a good night sleep.

Thankfully, our flight wasn’t delayed and we had no problems during check-in at Cebu. In Hong Kong, after clearance at the immigration, we then proceeded to the Arrival Hall.

Pick-Up of Gadget and Cards

At the Arrival Hall, my sister and I proceeded to the pick-up counter of the pocket WiFi I previously rented online. Afterward, we went to the Train Tickets counter and purchased an Octopus Card for the group.

The 4G WiFi was good for 5 devices and gave us unlimited internet access throughout our stay. One day rental of the device was at 173 Php.

The Octopus Card, on the other hand, was at 100 HKD. It was already pre-loaded with 50 HKD which we can use at any public transportation and participating stores.

I had a rough estimate of the fare we needed during the trip, so when we bought the card, I bought in additional load worth 100 HKD. So our cards had a total of 200 HKD.

When everything was set, we then proceeded to the bus terminal outside the airport. We were supposed to take the A21 Bus to Argyle Street in Mongkok.

When we arrived at the bus stop, the A21 bus was already leaving so we decided to wait for the next bus.

Once it arrived, we immediately boarded it and used our Octopus Card to pay for the tickets. We were able to choose seats on the second floor and settled in for the 40-minute ride.

Lunch and Check-In at Ah Shan Hostel

I booked our room through one of my trusted booking platforms months before the trip. There was a set of instructions on how to reach the hostel from the airport. I was a bit familiar, having stayed here previously. Nevertheless, I was glad for the instructions as it was a sort of refresher for me.

When we were dropped off at the bus stop, we had to walk 5 minutes to the Sincere House where the Ah Shan Hostel was located. At the hostel, we found out that they don’t allow early check-in. So we decided to grab some brunch while we waited.

There was a fast-food chain nearby so we had our lunch there. Most of our companions were looking for some rice meals so it was a unanimous decision. As soon as we were done, we returned to the hostel and waited until our room was ready.

As soon as we had our assigned room, we settled in for a few hours to rest.

Big Bus Tour: Kowloon Route

Hong Kong Itinerary for Family Kowloon Route

After resting for 2 hours, we headed to the Star Ferry Terminal for our first activity: the hop-on-hop-off experience.

Thankfully, the weather was cooperative during that time so my family (especially the kids) were able to enjoy the small park near the Hong Kong Science Museum. My sister and I went to the Star Ferry Terminal to pick-up our Big Bus Tour Tickets while they waited.

Once we returned, we immediately went to the first bus stop to ride the bus. The route took around an hour and a half. So we were able to settle in comfortably and had our first city tour with the family.

Avenue of the Stars

The last stop was just around the Avenue of the Stars and so we had a leisure walk around the promenade. We wanted to see the Symphony of Lights later that night so we waited until the show.

For dinner, we were able to grab some sandwiches at the nearest 7 Eleven then settled in to wait for the show to start.

When it was over, we went to the nearest MTR station and returned to the hostel.

Night Market

Mongkok is famous for its night markets. So after dropping the kids, my mother, and my younger sisters to the hostel, the rest of us went out to check out the Night Market.

Aside from the night market, we also strolled along with the branded shops in the area. And of course tasted some food from the stalls selling street foods.

Hong Kong Itinerary for Family: Day 2

Waiting at Victoria Harbour

On the second day of our trip, we woke up at around 8 AM. We were able to purchase some food the night before so we shared it in my sister’s room for breakfast.

After eating, when everything was ready, we headed out for the second activity of our Hong Kong itinerary for family.

We were supposed to leave for Hong Kong Island at 10 AM. But because some of our companions needed to buy something from the nearest mall, we had to move the activity after lunch.

While some went to the mall, the rest of us stayed at Victoria Harbour to enjoy the view.

Funny thing was, we were followed by a series of unfortunate events.  First, it rained heavily at 11 AM so we decided to grab lunch first then ride the Star Ferry after.

When the rain stopped and our tummies full we headed back to the terminal to take the ferry. This was when I found out I lost the ticket stubs of our Big Bus Tour. Pretty unlucky huh?

It was very stressful, to be honest. Thankfully, my companions were able to talk to a Big Bus Staff while I was looking for the tickets.

He informed us that we could get another set of the ticket at their Information Center upstairs. But minus the Sky100 tickets.

It was too bad, but I figured we still wouldn’t be able to try it because we were already running late. We had 2 routes to complete and I was hoping we could hop-off at one of the stops in Aberdeen.

Once our tickets were secured, we immediately headed to the Star Ferry and enjoyed the view going to Hong Kong Island.

Big Bus Tour: Aberdeen Route

Hong Kong Itinerary for Family: Aberdeen Route: Stanley Plaza

At the Star Ferry terminal, we headed to the Big Bus area where the bus was parked. Our first route for the day was the Aberdeen route.

The route will take us around Aberdeen – one of Hong Kong’s coastal towns. Here, you’ll see a different side of Hong Kong that is not so busy.

After passing through Repulse Bay and enjoying the beautiful scenery, we hopped off at the Stanley Plaza. We spent around an hour enjoying the view and checking out their Stanley Market.

My nephew was even able to meet kids his age and played with them.

After Stanley Plaza, we then waited for the bus to take us back to the city.

Big Bus Tour: Hong Kong Island Route

Hong Kong Island Route

Our next route was the Hong Kong Island route which would take us around the city. We decided not to hop-off at any stop and just enjoy the view.

The family was pretty content to just sit back and listen to the commentary on board the bus.

After the tour, we decided to check out the Hong Kong Observation Wheel at the Central Harbour. Nobody wanted to ride, so we settled in to buy some food from the food stalls near the area.

Hong Kong Observation Wheel
While we were eating, the kids were also having the time of their life running around. As usual.

By the time we were done, it was already night time and we decided to go back to Kowloon and let the others take a rest.

As usual, after settling everybody else, it was another trip to the Night Market.

Remember I mentioned that we were followed by a series of unfortunate events earlier? Well, it wasn’t even the last incident.

By the time we were ready to settle down for the night, my husband and I discovered that he lost his phone somewhere during the trip.

He had so many important information on the phone, including his account passwords. It was such a horrible way to end the day, to be honest.

Hong Kong Itinerary for Family: Day 3

Ocean Park Photo Op

Following the events of the second day of our trip, I was not in high spirits the morning after.

We were worried and I was getting frustrated. But, you know how it is when bad things happen. You have to get up and move on.

Besides, the activity included in our Hong Kong itinerary for family was a visit to one of Hong Kong’s theme parks.

Hong Kong Ocean Park

Hong Kong Ocean Park Entrance

On the third day, we were ready to enjoy Ocean Park.

I bought our Hong Kong Ocean Park ticket online too so we had our printed vouchers with us. It was much cheaper and convenient too.

My daughter was interested in sharks at that time. So it was an exciting place for me because I wanted her to see real sharks and observe how she’d react.

We arrived at the park early, around 9 AM, and got in line with the rest of the people. After grabbing some park map, we headed to the Ocean Express going to The Summit for the rides.

Because we had kids with us, we never really got the chance to enjoy all the attractions. One of the rides we were able to try was the ‘Arctic Blast’ and the ‘Hair Raiser’. Though it was just my sister and her husband who tried the ‘Hair Raiser’.

My nephew wanted to ride ‘The Rapids’ and the bumper cars. But he wasn’t allowed because he was either too young or too short. So my brother-in-law just indulged him with the mini-games at the ‘Thrill Mountain’.

Despite not trying out the rides, we were still able to enjoy some of the exhibits there. This includes the North Pole Encounter, the Arctic Fox Den, the Shark Mystique and the Panda Village.

We were not able to see the Grand Aquarium though, so we will save it for another trip.

The Cable Car was our mode of transport going down the summit so that the family can at least enjoy the coastal view from above too.

P.S: My daughter wasn’t scared when she saw the sharks. She was very excited when she saw them.

Hong Kong Itinerary for Family: Day 4

Disneyland Signage

On the fourth day, we also got up early to enjoy the 4th part of our Hong Kong itinerary for family: Hong Kong Disneyland.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland has always been one of my favorite destinations when visiting Hong Kong. My husband and I never fail to include it in our itinerary whenever we visit.

So I was excited to show them around.

Like most of our tickets, I also bought our HK Disneyland tickets in advance. We just printed the vouchers and then we were good to go.

There was a local holiday when we visited so there were a lot of people visiting the park. It was too crowded for my taste.

Plus, there was construction at the Sleeping Beauty Castle when we went. Which meant that there was a large area at the end of Main Street that was covered with fences.

I was really looking forward to the fireworks display, but unfortunately, they canceled it. They do have a show at night at the Main Street, though, as a temporary replacement for the fireworks.

Also, it rained in the afternoon so the weather was dull. It was the first time we visited the theme park on such weather and it was not that fun at all.

We traveled to Hong Kong around April to May, which was in the middle of the transition from winter to summer. This made me make a note to myself, which is to never travel at this time of the year to the city. 

Flights of Fantasy Parade

Despite the weather, we did see some fun shows for the family like the ‘Mickey and the Wondrous Book’ and the ‘Festival of the Lion King’. We also rode the ‘It’s a Small World’ and saw the ‘Flights of Fantasy Parade’.

Despite the rainy weather later in the afternoon, we finally had some good news. Someone found my husband’s phone and decided to leave it to the management at the Star Ferry.

A few days back, I decided to leave a message the Star Ferry website inquiring about a phone. Fortunately, someone messaged me back and said they found a phone similar to ours.

So my husband and I decided to try our luck and visit their office if it was indeed his phone.

We left together with the rest of the family but instead of alighting at the Mongkok Station, we continued on and alighted at the Tsim Sha Tsui Station.

When we arrived at the station, we were very lucky that the phone was indeed ours!

I wasn’t expecting the phone to be returned to us and was pretty glad that someone decided to return it to the management.

Hong Kong Itinerary for Family: Day 5

Hong Kong Family Itinerary : HK International Airport

On the fifth and last day, we woke up early to catch our 12 NN flight back to Cebu.

Fortunately, Ah Shan Hostel had a convenient way to check out for early mornings. We were able to leave the hostel at around 4 AM.

We took the same bus (A21) to the airport. Since we haven’t had breakfast yet and we still had some cash on our Octopus Card, we decided to use it at one of the fast foods in the airport.

After breakfast, my sister and I returned the pocket wi-fi and had our Octopus Card refunded. You can do that if you still have some load on the card like we did.

They take out around 10-11 HKD as fee then the rest is returned to you. After purchasing some breakfast, we still had around 100 HKD each so we had some money left.

Hong Kong Itinerary and Cost Sample

If you are also planning your very own Hong Kong itinerary for family, below is our sample itinerary that you can refer to:

HK Travel Itinerary

I hope I have given you enough ideas on how to spend a quick trip to this beautiful country with the family, especially if you are visiting it for the first time!

Drop us a comment if you have any question! Happy travels!

Disclosure: We use affiliate links on this post. Meaning, if you book any hotel/ activity by clicking on the link, I earn a commission at NO EXTRA COST to you. Thank you for reading the blog!

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