We sometimes get weary of being deceived by strangers when we travel that we sometimes tend to get paranoid. Here are some of our easy and smart tips on how to avoid scams when you travel! Read on!

When traveling, we always want to make every trip happy and free from stress.

You want it to be a perfect getaway to bring home great memories of what you have experienced. But you will feel bad once you are scammed on a trip.

Scammers are everywhere. They prey on foreigners and tourists knowing that these people know less about the place and about what they are doing.

That is why you have to be alert all the time and know how to avoid scams when on a trip.

Good planning for is therefore recommended so that you won’t have to deal with expensive rates from seemingly good offers. Also, planning will guide you on what you have to do in the place.

But you cannot do away with dealing with other people. Which is why you have to be cautious all the time.

You’ll never know when a scammer is there to lure you into what he wants to happen.

Good travel planning or not, you still have to be alert all the time. We have here more tips to help you protect yourself from scammers during travels.

Do it your way.

Do it your way

We understand that doing the tours by yourself is pretty exciting. There are advantages and disadvantages definitely.

Sometimes, it would be more fun if you just do things on your own instead of dealing with the locals. Especially if the place you are visiting is easy to navigate.

You’ll get your own adventure and also, you won’t have to rely on expensive taxis for hire or other people. Some may be genuine in helping but others might just be taking advantage of you.

And like what we said, be sure to have all the information you need about the place. Research about it before you go.

This way, you will not end up so ignorant and you’ll get more knowledge of the places you’ll be visiting. After all, what better way to learn more about a place than navigating it your own.

Do not trust easily.

Think on the kind of place you want

Not all people want to get your money or intend to harm you while you are on travel.

But you have to be careful.

There are police officers who are actually fakes who would accuse you about something. They would blackmail you that they’ll send you to jail if you won’t pay them a certain amount.

Even beggars cannot be trusted because some of them would fool you about their stories so they can get money. Or worse, they could be under a certain organization.

Do not be pressured to buy items.

Do not be pressured to buy items

Another way on how to avoid scams on a trip is by knowing the different techniques that scammers do to fool tourists.

There are some people who would force you to buy some stuff they sell. Some would let you try to wear a ring or a bracelet and once you did, they will force you to pay for it.

Others will let you tour in some places and after that, they would ask for a huge payment.

There are also instances that while they are forcing you to buy, another person has taken away your wallet.

Be meticulous on local transportation rates.

Be meticulous on local transportation rates

Foreigners are the target of taxi drivers who overcharge. They take advantage of your ignorance of the place.

Do not let that happen.

If going on a tour via a taxi or a private vehicle, you and the driver needs to agree on a certain amount first. It would be wise if you write it down so if the driver will bill you with a bigger about when the tour is over, you have evidence.

Also, you can ask some people as to how much are the rates for local transportation so you’ll have an idea if they are charging you rightly.

When riding on public transportation to get you from point A to B, you can queue on official taxi stands or bus stops like normal folks in the area do, just to be safe.

Refuse unsolicited offers.

Refuse unsolicited offers

Some locals would offer you great stuff. Taxi drivers also do this. They’ll let you ride on their cab and then when you request to go to a certain place, they’ll tell you it’s close or something.

Some taxi drivers are actually paid by some hotels or restaurants to take some tourists in their place. If you haven’t asked for something or you did not book for it, then do not go for it.

Personally, I find it effective to act like you know where you are going and you know the local rates. This is a defensive way to make people see that you have done your research well (which you should have).

Be careful in crowded areas.

Be careful in crowded areas

Where there are many people, there is also a greater chance of being a victim of pickpockets and snatchers.

You have to make sure that you are not wearing expensive pieces of jewelry while outside and that your valuables are secure.

Here, packing light is essential as you can hold to your bags well when you are out and about. Keep them to your front part so that you can hold well at it.

Be alert all the time.

Familiarize the place’s currency.

Familiarize the place’s currency

Before going to other countries, make sure that you have familiarized the currency.

This is important so you will know if your change is right. Some people take advantage of your being an alien to their land and will not give you the right change.

Also, check on rates and charges well if they are right.

Do not be distracted.

Do not be distracted

For your entire trip and stay in a certain place, always be alert. Do not be distracted by whatever thing other people will do.

There are tactics like throwing bird poop on your clothes or squirting a mayo on your face and others.

Be careful because those people who’ll come to help you will actually get your valuables and you won’t notice that. Do not let anyone divert your attention to them.

Reject great deals.

Reject great deals

Also, do not believe in good deals for a night’s stay or transportation. It’s either the quality of service is bad or you’ll be charged higher.

You might end up sleeping in a hotel or eating in a restaurant that will not give you a good experience at all.

To avoid this, have good planning before a trip. It is better to book everything beforehand to get the authentic ‘best deals’ out there.

Keep your valuables well.

Keep your valuables well

It is important that you keep all your valuables smartly.

Put your money in different pouches so that if your wallet gets stolen, you still have some money to use.

It would even be better if you put your money inside your clothes like what other people do especially when they are on travel.

Having fun during a trip is not bad at all but you have to pair that with alertness. You will end up unhappy if locals will cheat on you. So, make a trip perfectly memorable by taking note of the tips above. After all, no one wants to be scammed in travels.

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Keep safe and be alert when you travel. Here are some Easy and Smart Tips on How to Avoid Scams When You Travel. Tips on How to Avoid Travel Scams. #travel #tips #traveltips #travelscams #avoidtravelscams #safetravel #osmiva Keep safe and be alert when you travel. Here are some Easy and Smart Tips on How to Avoid Scams When You Travel. Tips on How to Avoid Travel Scams. #travel #tips #traveltips #travelscams #avoidtravelscams #safetravel #osmiva
Keep safe and be alert when you travel. Here are some Easy and Smart Tips on How to Avoid Scams When You Travel. Tips on How to Avoid Travel Scams. #travel #tips #traveltips #travelscams #avoidtravelscams #safetravel #osmiva