Everyone want to have the best trip whether it is a business trip or merely for leisure. Because of this, you would make sure that everything is well planned so that things will turn out well. But there are instances that some unexpected events occur due to your actions or maybe because of some circumstances. You might commit some travel mistakes that will urge you to spend more than what you have allocated for your trip. Worse, you might run out of money.

That is why, it is important that you are aware of these possible mistakes that you might do for your trip. To help you avoid these, we have given you a list of 10 expensive travel mistakes. So, during your planning stage, take a peep at this list so you can review if you have prepared for them. Being able to prepare for this will surely save your trip because you wouldn’t want to get stressed out while travelling. Check out our list below.

Lack of planning.

Lack of planning

Well, this is certainly the number one thing because sometimes, we get too excited that we just leave for a trip without planning everything well. This might result into more expenses because without proper planning, you might not have a place to stay or you could get more expensive fares. You might not even have the itinerary of your and you will be uncertain of where to go and what to do.

Too early booking.

Too early booking

Most of us would think that early booking is good since it can let us get lower prices for fares and even for hotel rates but don’t do it too early. There might be some changes in plans or your situation on that time could not permit you to travel. So, if you want to plan in advance, be early but not TOO early. You can prepare for a trip three months before it but not a year before it.

Failure to call bank for credit card.

Failure to call bank for credit card

If you plan to use your credit card while you are on travel, be sure that you will call the bank before your leave. Failure to do that will force you to spend your on hand money and you can get short of cash especially if you are expecting that you can use your credit card during the trip.

No place to stay.

No place to stay

It is always recommended to choose the hotel you will be staying in because if not, you would be spending money for transportation in looking for a good hotel. You might even end up in a hotel that is expensive just to make sure that you will feel comfortable during your stay especially that you have little time to look for one that best suits you. This is also stressful on your part.

Bringing too much stuff.

Bringing too much stuff

This is one big mistake one could do. Bringing a lot of stuffs is not just heavy and uncomfortable but it will also entail money. You will be charged for excess baggage at the airport. You will also be paying more for transportation because you have lots of baggage with you. It could also be hard on your part to be bringing a lot of stuff which you need to check on every now and then.

Failure to buy service plan for phone.

Failure to buy service plan for phone

When you are on a different country, you would need to think of how you could use your phone. It would be better to get a roaming number so that you won’t be charged a lot and you won’t be spending too much. If you fail to do this, you will be forced to spend money for your phone just to reach other people.

Losing travel documents.

Losing travel documents

Well, no one would ever want this to happen. That is why you need to secure all your travel documents. Make sure that you will not lose them because if you will, you will not just spend a lot to acquire them again but your stay might even be prolonged because you will still need to process those documents. You can keep a duplicate copy of the documents or you can just secure them in your bags.

No medical insurance.

No medical insurance

You might think that this is not necessary but what if something happens like an accident or you will get sick? If you are in a foreign hospital, you will be paying a lot without a medical insurance. To protect you and to save you from a big blow of expenses, get one. It is much cheaper than what you might be spending for unexpected events.

Late on flights.

Late on flights

Many have experienced this. This is one mistake that is totally expensive. You would need to buy a new ticket if your plane has left. It would even be more expensive than the ones you have bought in advance. So, make sure that you will not be late for your flight. The plane will not wait for you.

Making changes to reservations.

Making changes to reservations

Once you book a flight and reserve a hotel room, make sure that you are certain of the date. Because if not, you would spend like you are paying for a new trip. Double check the dates that you intend to travel just to be sure that you will no longer change your mind about it.

No one wants to spend too much for a trip when you can actually spend lesser only if you have planned everything well and if you will not commit any of the above mistakes. For worse case scenarios, always have extra money with you. This can save you from mistakes and travel disasters. You should always be ready so that you will not worry too much. At least, if you will encounter a problem, you can still do something about it and eventually save your vacation.
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10 Expensive Travel Mistakes One Could Commit #traveltips #expensivetravelmistakes #travelmistakes #cheaptravels #savemoney

10 Expensive Travel Mistakes One Could Commit #traveltips #expensivetravelmistakes #travelmistakes #cheaptravels #savemoney