Summer is over here in the Philippines but I am still longing for sun, sand and the beach. And I know many of us do, too.

As the rainy season has arrived, some of these islands can be hard to access. The waves may be a little too rough and the beach a bit empty as people are more immersed on their work and students are busy with schoolwork.

To draw in summer vibes and help you identify places to visit when summer arrives early next year, I am showcasing several of our lovely photos of our trip in Sambawan Island and Kalanggaman Island. This will, I hope, encourage you to visit lesser popular islands in the Philippines as there are a lot more to it than Boracay and Palawan.

Kalanggaman Island Photos

Kalanggaman Island is a popular destination for people from Leyte and Cebu. The island can be a part of an island hopping activity when in Malapascua, Cebu too, thus making it a great day trip.

Kalanggaman Island‘s sandbar is considered to be one of the longest sandbars in the Philippines and is truly a magnificent sight to behold.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Kids Playing

Kids playfully jumping into the water. This was the activity around us while we wait for the Boat Captain.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Palompon Pier During the Golden Hour

The Palompon Pier basked in the golden hour. A great parting view while we sail towards the Kalanggaman Island.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: View of the Island from afar

The view of Kalanggaman Island as we approach.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Closer View

Another closer view of the island.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Private Yacht

A private boat/ yacht anchored near the island.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Morning Walk towards the Kalanggaman Island Sandbar

Morning view as we walked towards the Kalanggaman Island Sandbar. We wanted to capture the sunrise from there.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Boats Anchored

Boats anchored near the Sandbar in Kalanggaman Island. Most of these are waiting for passengers to take them back to the mainland.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Private Boat near the island

The same private boat as yesterday anchored near Kalanggaman. I love the color of the sky on the horizon.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Sandbar at Dawn

The view of the sandbar from the lifeguard station. My husband was taking a photo from there as he knew this was a good viewpoint to capture the sunrise.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Sunrise

Island sunrise! The view is mesmerising and promised a great day!

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Boats

One of the boats on a closer look. I love the reflection of the boat on the water and how the sea is so calm.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Sandbar

The sandbar of Kalanggaman Island. A few people were swimming on the water while others were just enjoying the view like we did.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Rocky Area

A rocky portion of the island. Such a striking contrast from the beautiful sandbar on the other part of the island.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Lifeguard Station and Coconut Trees

The coconut trees and the lifeguard station/ cottage in the island. This was where my husband took some lovely shots of the sunrise and the sandbar earlier in the morning.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Campsite Area

The other side of Kalanggaman Island where our tents were pitched.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Corals

A rocky portion of the island.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Secluded Spot

A more secluded spot with less crowd.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Rocky Portion

And another one.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Parting View

Our parting view as we sailed towards the mainland.

Photos of Kalanggaman Island: Sandbar

The sandbar with less people.

Sambawan Island Photos

This island is another must-visit summer destination in the province of Biliran. Sambawan Island is famous for its rocky terrain and gorgeous island formation.

Overnight stays can be arranged in the island with cottages and rooms available for rent.

Photos of Sambawan Island: Boat at Biliran

Small boat that’ll take passengers to Sambawan Island.

Photos of Sambawan Island: Maripipi Island

View as we are sailing towards Sambawan Island.

Photos of Sambawan Island: Approaching the Island

The view as we were approaching Sambawan. This literally got me excited!

Photos of Sambawan Island: Docking Area

One of the docking areas for Sambawan. The first boat with our companions just reached it.

Photos of Sambawan Island: Landscape

Rocky landscape near the area where we docked. Beyond the rocks is the island of Maripipi.

Photos of Sambawan Island: Calm Sea

The sea near the shore of Sambawan Island. Pretty inviting, wouldn’t you agree?

Photos of Sambawan Island: Mountainous Terrain

Our first glimpse of this mountainous terrain that Sambawan is famous for.

Photos of Sambawan Island: Other View

Another view of Sambawan Island. This one is less famous but equally as beautiful!

Photos of Sambawan Island: Rocky Beach

The view from the other side with less shoreline and more rock formations.

Photos of Sambawan Island: Rock Formations

Getting up close to the rocky portion of the island. I personally wanted to get closer but the rocks were a bit slippery and can be unsafe.

Photos of Sambawan Island: Bridge

Newly built bridge that allows guest to conveniently accessed the other part of the island.

Photos of Sambawan Island: Afternoon

Afternoon view from the elevated terrain of the island. We wanted to get to this area. But my knees were not cooperating.

Photos of Sambawan Island: Cliff

A cliff basked in the golden hour. I personally loved this view and we had it all to ourselves!

Photos of Sambawan Island: Morning

Morning view of Sambawan Island and Maripipi Island. We did not see the sunrise as it was gloomy but this view made up for it.

Photos of Sambawan Island: Closer Look

A closer look of the island. Below are our companions getting ready for breakfast.

Visiting these two islands in Leyte and Biliran was a memorable experience. I look at these photos and it got me wishing that summer is still here!

Have you got the summer blues? Which island have you got on your bucket list?

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