The first time is always the most memorable! And Osmeña Peak gave me a memorable experience!

I vaguely remembered my first hike. It was summer and I didn’t really know what to expect.. I love walking, but walking with bags and staying for a night without a concrete or wooden ceiling is different.

Our companions used to remind us that the trail is easy. AND the views will be completely rewarding. To be honest, I was hesitant but at the same time excited to try it.

Osmeña Peak (O’Peak) is considered to be one of the favorite day hikes in the province in Cebu. If you’ve seen my Cebu photos post, I’ve shared several photos of why it’s a favourite among the locals!

If you are visiting Cebu for the first time, you can also take the Osmeña Peak hike as a day trip!

If you’re feeling bit more adventurous, you can traverse from here to Kawasan Falls in Badian. We haven’t tried this before though. Maybe next time!

How to Get to Osmeña Peak

The Peak is located at the Southern Part of Cebu. To get there you can ride a bus from the Cebu South Terminal in the city (take the bus going to Oslob or Santander).

Tell the bus driver/ conductor that you will get off at the Dalaguete Junction for O’Peak. Bus fair is around 140 Php. Be ready for a long drive though as it will take you around 3 hours to arrive.

At the junction, hire a habal-habal (motorbike) going up to the trail head. Fair is around 100 Php per person.

Osmeña Peak Hike: Mantalongon

For our part, my brother-in-law drove us all the way to Mantalongon. We were able to park the car near the Barangay Hall and left it there overnight.

After gearing up and prepared our stuff, we braced ourseves for the supposed to be easy trail.

If you’d rather go to the peak faster, there are local habal-habal that you can hire either from Mantalongon or from Dalaguete junction (as I’ve mentioned previously).

This will take you directly to O’Peak’s trail head. We, on the other hand, decided that we wanted to try the trail and hike all the way from Mantalongon.

At first, everything was cool. It was pretty easy.. We passed through rough roads and met locals along the way.

Then came the challenging part: walking on an inclined pathway. When we finally reached the flat surface, I was already huffing and puffing.

Guess I needed that cardio exercise after all.. LOL.

Views of the Trail Going to O’Peak

Up at that point, I never admired the view.. Not until I saw this!

Osmeña Peak Hike: Barangay

Osmeña Peak Hike: Dalaguete

Osmeña Peak Hike: Mantalongon
I’ve never really appreciated the green and how beautiful places like this are. It was a refreshing change from the rough road we’ve seen at the beginning of the trail.

We’ve met locals tending to their crops and little kids playing on the open field. Such a peaceful way to live!

Osmeña Peak Hike: Mandatory Group Photo
We hiked for about an hour or less to reach the Peak trail head for our final ascent to the peak. Admittedly, we took a few stops from time to time to replenish our energy and enjoy the views.

At the base, we had to sign a sort of registration list at the Osmeña Peak Tourism Center/ Hiker’s Center before we started the hike. At the time of our visit, there was no registration fees. Today, there is an entrance fee of 30 Php per head.

We did not hire a guide, too as we had people on our group who knew the way and was familiar with the trail.

When all was set, we started the hike to the top and was greeted by these amazing views!

Osmeña Peak Hike: Trail

Osmeña Peak Hike: Dalaguete Cebu

Osmeña Peak Hike: Dalaguete Cebu
There were pretty steep parts and easy trails too. We had to take (again) some stops to gather our bearings and waited for the rest of our group..

It was our first after all! 😉 But overall, the trail is easy and just perfect for beginners.

Camping at O’Peak

Osmeña Peak Hike: Camp
Upon our arrival at the camp grounds, there were already other campers searching for flat surfaces to pitch their tent. We did that too and started to set-up our camp. P

lease take note too that as of this writing, a camping fee of 50 Php is collected for those wanting to stay overnight.

Osmeña Peak Hike: View
While doing that, I got a chance to fully enjoy the view from where we stood. The ocean, the mountains and the people at the summit.

Osmeña Peak Hike: Summit
You can never say you’ve been to O’Peak without a look (and a photo. LOL) of the magnificent views from that viewpoint. Hence the number of people at the top.

After pitching the tent and setting-up our camp, there was nothing left to do but enjoy the views and socialize with the rest of the campers.

Here are some photos of the views we got to enjoy including the gorgeous sunset!

Osmeña Peak Hike: Sunset

Osmeña Peak Hike: Sunset

Osmeña Peak Hike: O Peak

Osmeña Peak Hike: Camp Grounds
Morning came and it was pretty cold. To be honest, I did not anticipate how cold it can get.

Good thing I was able to borrow an extra jacket. LOL. It was pretty chilly and there was fog everywhere.

Osmeña Peak Hike: Summit

Osmeña Peak Hike: Views
After breakfast, we decided to climb to the top for the views at the summit. Admittedly, it was spectacular and very refreshing.

Too bad I wasn’t able to capture a more nicer photo, though. The view was overlooking Negros (Cebu’s neighbouring island).

Osmeña Peak Hike:Descent
A few hours later, we broke camp and started the descent. Of course, not missing the opportunity to take more photos of the surroundings at this time of the day.

Osmeña Peak Hike: Mantalongon Hike
Going down, we still opted to do the hike and not hire any habal-habal.. It was such a gorgeous day and the sun was not scorching hot. Perfect for another hike. 🙂

This particular adventure paved the way for several mountain trips a few months after, including our Mount Pulag adventure.

From our usual beach trips, this trip made us love hiking. Not to mention that self-fulfilling feeling after reaching the summit and taking in the beauty from the top!

With bags lighter, we went home tired but happy!

We returned to Osmeña Peak on a rainy season and we didn’t get to enjoy the views at the summit like we previously did. The fog completely covered the views from above.

Here’s another throwback video of our adventure during this time. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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Hiking the Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete, Cebu. What to expect when visiting Osmeña Peak including fees and fares. #travel #destination #asia #philippines #cebu #cebuphilippines #osmenapeak #hike #osmiva Hiking the Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete, Cebu. What to expect when visiting Osmeña Peak including fees and fares. #travel #destination #asia #philippines #cebu #cebuphilippines #osmenapeak #hike #osmiva
Hiking the Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete, Cebu. What to expect when visiting Osmeña Peak including fees and fares. #travel #destination #asia #philippines #cebu #cebuphilippines #osmenapeak #hike #osmiva