Negros Oriental in the Philippines is province in the region of Central Visayas. It is a region that is often overlooked by tourists (locals and foreign).

Admittedly, when planning our trip, I only had my sights at Apo Island and Manjuyod Sandbar and was not expecting other exciting places to visit.

My expectation was very much exceeded and we thoroughly enjoyed our trip. We have experienced a lot of amazing adventures and have seen some beautiful scenery.

We were based in Dumaguete and was able to explore numerous municipality within Negros Oriental. Our trip was only for a few days yet it seemed like we have seen a lot yet at the same time still missing a lot of beautiful places.

The trip from Cebu to Dumaguete is a fairly quick one. There are several ways to reach the city from Cebu including land trip, by air and by land.

Is this your first time in the Philippines? Check out our transportation guide in the Philippines in this post.

To stop me from rambling about Negros Oriental, I’d like to take you on a photo tour of what made me fall in love with Dumaguete instead.

Dumaguete City

Negros Oriental Photos: Dumaguete Cathedral

The Dumaguete Cathedral is one of Dumaguete City’s landmark. It’s at the city centre and you will certainly not miss it.

Negros Oriental Photos: DumaGetMe Signage

This signage is located at the Rizal Boulevard and definitely eye-catching especially at night with its bright light. If you want a selfie or a photo with a landmark that is all Dumaguete, this is certainly the place for it!

Negros Oriental Photos: Rizal Boulevard in the morning

Early morning walks at the Rizal Boulevard is a nice way to start your day when in Dumaguete. Aside from the calming views that the horizon offers, it’s a cool way to meet locals who are out for a morning walk too!

Negros Oriental Photos: Rizal Boulevard Statues

One of the statues along Rizal Boulevard.

Negros Oriental Photos: Quezon Park

An open structure at the Quezon Park. We got a chance to walk around the park one morning after having our breakfast at Casablanca Restaurant near Rizal Boulevard.

Negros Oriental Photos: Dumaguete Cathedral and Quezon Park

The view of the Dumaguete Church from the Quezon Park.

Negros Oriental Photos: Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is a popular landmark in Dumaguete. It reminded me of those I’ve seen in Bantay and Paoay during our Ilocos Trip.

Negros Oriental Photos: Dumaguete Port

The view of the entrance to the Dumaguete Port. It’s just along Rizal Boulevard.

Negros Oriental Photos: View from the Rizal Boulevard

View from the Rizal Boulevard in the afternoon while we were passing the time until our flight back home.

Negros Oriental Photos: Rizal Boulevard

Another angle of the view from Rizal Boulevard.

Negros Oriental Photos: Siliman University

Dumaguete’s most popular university: The Siliman University. We were supposed to visit its Anthropology Museum but was not able to due to the holidays.

Apo Island

Negros Oriental Photos: Boats At Apo Island

Boats near Apo Island during our Tour. It was a nice day out to be swimming with the sea turtles!

Negros Oriental Photos: Shores Near Apo Island

The views from our boat.

Negros Oriental Photos: Resort at Apo Island

View of the shore. There’s a resort at the island for those wanting to stay the night.

Negros Oriental Photos: First Sea Turtle Spotted

The first sea turtle that we’ve spotted! Couldn’t have been more excited!

Negros Oriental Photos: Up Close with a Sea Turtle

Here’s another shot with us on the background. The sea turtles at Apo Island are definitely not camera-shy!

Negros Oriental Photos: Two Sea Turtles

Saw these two on our 3rd stop.

Manjuyod Sandbar

Negros Oriental Photos: Small Boat Going to Manjuyod Sandbar

Another small boat that was doing the tour with us. We were tailing them while we were looking for dolphins.

Negros Oriental Photos: Cottages at the Manjuyod Sandbar

View of the cottages from afar. We were on our way to the sandbar after the failed attempt to look for dolphins.

Negros Oriental Photos: Cottages view from the Shallow Portion

The view of the cottages from our first stop: the shallowest portion of the sandbar.

Negros Oriental Photos: Another Pumpboat Approaching the Sandbar

Another pump boat/ outrigger boat approaching the sandbar.

Negros Oriental Photos: Boats Docked Near the Sandbar

Some of the boats docked near the cottages at the Manjuyod Sandbar.

Negros Oriental Photos: Approaching the Canibol Wharf

The Canibol Wharf as we were about to dock from the sandbar.

Casaroro Falls

Negros Oriental Photos: View going to the Casaroro Falls

Our view as we were hiking to the falls from the entrance. Here you can feel the change of temperature from warm to cool.

Negros Oriental Photos: Path Going to the Falls

The trail going to the falls is made up of rocks (in all shapes and sizes).

Negros Oriental Photos: First View of the Casaroro Falls

Our first glimpse of the Casaroro Falls. Definitely worth the hard hike.

Negros Oriental Photos: Base of the Falls

People can take a dip at the base but be careful not to swim too close as the current may be pretty strong.

Negros Oriental Photos: Top of the Falls

View of the topmost area of the falls. Casaroro is a tall waterfall. I wonder if cliff-diving is allowed here just like those in Daranak Falls and the Kawasan Falls in Badian. Probably not as it’s too high and the base too narrow.

Pulang Bato Falls

Negros Oriental Photos: Entrance Going to the Falls

The entrance to the Pulang Bato Falls in Valencia. It’s actually a developed swimming area with facilities available for guests.

Negros Oriental Photos: Pulang Bato Falls

The falls got its name from the red stones that make up the entire falls.

Negros Oriental Photos: Water at the Base of the Falls

The water as it flows from the base of the falls.

Negros Oriental Photos: Stack of Rocks Near the Falls

A man-made stack of rocks near the falls. Kids who were swimming here piled this and we thought it was a cool subject to take a photo of.

Negros Oriental Photos: Second Falls Near Pulang Bato

There are two (2) falls in the area. This was the other falls where a pool-like area was created at its base.

Negros Oriental Photos: Man-Made Pool near the Falls

Here’s another pool just a few meters away from the falls.

Sulfur Vent

Negros Oriental Photos: Sulfur Vent Mountain/ Steaming Ground

One of the places we stopped by going to and from Pulang Bato Falls. This is a natural Sulfur Vent that locals also call as Steaming Ground. The smell is bearable as long as you don’t say too long. And of course, you can feel the heat coming off the mountain if you don’t stay too close.

Negros Oriental Photos: Road Near the Sulfur Vent

This is the hi-way at the base of the mountain. People do pass by here everyday especially residents near the area.

Balinsasayao Twin Crater Lakes Natural Park

Negros Oriental Photos: Lake Cabalen-an

The first lake near the base/ entrance of the Twin Crater Lakes.

Negros Oriental Photos: Souvenirs at the Twin Lakes

Sample of the souvenirs for sale that we saw near Lake Balinsasayao.

Negros Oriental Photos: Path to the Twin Crater Lakes

Shaded path to the Lake Balinsasayao and Lake Danao.

Negros Oriental Photos: EDIT

Lake Balinsasayao on first glance. This is the view that greeted us when we entered the area.

Negros Oriental Photos: Balinsasayao Lake

Another view of the Lake Balinsasayao from the Viewing Deck.

Negros Oriental Photos: Lake Danao

View of Lake Danao also from the Viewing Deck.

Negros Oriental Photos: Danao Lake

Here’s another view of the tranquil Lake Danao.

I’ll be explaining in details our entire trip to Dumaguete and its beautiful sights near the city soon on the blog!

Have you been to Negros Oriental? There’s so much more amazing sights to see. I hope to get back again and explore more!
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