I’ve been to several islands in the Philippines and I must say that Cebu has some of the best beaches in the country. Not to mention the gorgeous waterfalls and incredible hikes that it offers!

Cebu can be reached via air or by sea. You will be likely taken to Lapu-Lapu City – for those coming in by air or to Cebu City – for those coming in by sea.

Upon arrival to either city, you will notice the bustling vibe. True, the traffic can be bad (though there are days when its alright) and flooding can be a problem. If you’d rather avoid it, you may opt to visit Cebu during summer (around March to May) for lesser rain and traffic! 😉

For a brief background, Cebu is an island in the Visayas that takes pride in its growing economy and rich history and culture. It is also one of the country’s premier tourists destination that attracts millions of tourists a year.

I’ve been in Cebu for several years now, and admittedly I haven’t explored every corner of this gorgeous island and the smaller islands that surrounds it.

There are several activities that can be enjoyed here such as island hopping, canyoneering, diving, hiking, swimming, fishing and zip lining, to name a few. Hence the decision to explore my own backyard through DIY tours in the city and road trips.

There are several places I’ve wanted to visit again, too. It’s always great to witness the changes of a place through the years. However, it may take a while so we’re taking it a step at a time.

Oh, and of course, the food scene is also something that you should definitely check out! Yummy siomai, ngohiong, crispy and juicy lechon are some of the local delicacies and cuisines that are a must-try.

Cebu City alone has numerous significant landmarks that you’ll love. Aside from the rich culture, there are several shopping options that you choose from, eateries that you can try and equally unique tourist spots.

If you’d rather see corals, take a trek and do more physical activities, head further south or further north for a wider option. There are plenty of places you can choose from, so be sure to spend a couple of days here.

If you haven’t been to Cebu, let me convince you to visit the province through my personal compilation of amazing Cebu, Philippines’ Photos: Island Travel Through The Lens!

First stop in our Cebu, Philippines’ Photos is of course…

Cebu City

Cebu Philippines Photos: Cebu City
Overlooking views of Cebu City from Mountain View Park in Busay.

Cebu Philippines Photos: Mountain View Park
Rope Course at the same park. Don’t underestimate this, I had sore legs and arms after completing the entire rope course. LOL. Or maybe I just lack practice? hahaha.

Cebu Philippines Photos: Crown Regency
Views from the Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu City. We tried the Edge Coaster here. It’s one of the activities guests can try on the hotel’s Sky Experience Adventure. If you’re not afraid of heights, this is perfect for you!

Cebu Philippines Photos: Crown Regency Edge Coaster
See? This is one capture we had of my friends trying out the ride. LOL. You have the controls to further tip the coaster. My husband tried it when it was our turn and I was fairly amused. If you read my post on how traveling changed me, then you’ll know that I’m fairly afraid of heights and been conquering it slowly. LOL.

For more Cebu City Photos, check out this post here.

Lapu-Lapu City

Cebu Philippines Photos Lapu-Lapu City Be Resort
Lapu-Lapu City’s beach resorts are something that you should definitely check out.

Cebu Philippines Photos Be Resort Beach Front
IG-worthy landscape of the Be Resort in Lapu-Lapu City.

Cebu Philippines Photos Plantation Bay
Plantation Bay‘s man-made lagoon. Definitely on top of my most favorite places to swim! 😉

Cebu Philippines Photos Mactan Island Hopping
Views during our Island Hopping in Mactan, Cebu. We especially enjoyed fish feeding at the Olango Sanctuary and swimming in the crystal clear waters surrounding Mactan.

Cebu, Philippines Photos: South of Cebu


Cebu Philippines Photos Moalboal
Another must-visit and one of Cebu, Philippines’ photo favorite of ours is Moalboal.

Cebu Philippines Photos Moalboal
Like us, I’m sure you’ll spend hours snorkeling and spotting unqiue fishes, or maybe finding Dory and Nemo too! 😉

Cebu Philippines Photos Moalboal
The corals and the beach is definitely something that you should see! I’ve previously posted an article on the fun things to do in Moalboal, Cebu that maybe you’d love to check out!


Cebu Philippines Photos Badian
Like Moalboal, Badian is also a great place to snorkel with its abundant marine life.

Cebu Philippines Photos Badian
It is also home to Kawasan Falls, one of Cebu’s famous waterfall. Kawasan is also included as one of the stops in the Canyoneering activity.

Cebu Philippines Photos Kawasan Falls
Approaching the 1st waterfall on a bamboo raft. You can take a waterfall massage here.

Cebu Philippines Photos Kawasan Falls
Or maybe just take a swim in the water. It’s deep so you’ll be advised to wear life-vests.

Osmeña Peak

Cebu Philippines Photos Osmeña Peak
Another breathtaking Cebu Philippines’ Photo subject is the Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete, south of Cebu. This is one of the views we saw as we started to ascend the summit.

Cebu Philippines Photos Osmeña Peak Dalaguete
Here’s another one!

Cebu Philippines Photos Osmeña Peak Dalaguete
View from the campsite. Hikers may pitch their tent on the grassy slope.

Cebu Philippines Photos Osmeña Peak Dalaguete
The sunset at Osmeña Peak. Such a picturesque moment, wouldn’t you agree?

Cebu Philippines Photos Osmeña Peak Dalaguete
View from the peak’s highest point. You can’t leave without taking a picture from here. 😉

Cebu, Philippines Photos: North of Cebu

Bantayan Island

Cebu Philippines Photos Bantayan Island
Take a ferry from Daan Bantayan and you will discover another amazing Cebu gem: the Bantayan Island.

Cebu Philippines Photos Bantayan Island

Cebu Philippines Photos Bantayan Island

One of the sunsets we saw in Bantayan Island. Such gorgeous colors, huh?

Cebu Philippines Photos Bantayan Island
The small boats as they are prepared for the day.

Camotes Island

Cebu Philippines Photos Camotes Island Mangodlong Rock
Camotes Island is slowly gaining popularity with its amazing beaches! It can also be reached via fast craft or slow boat either from Cebu City or Danao respectively. This is a photo of one of the island’s resorts: the Mangodlong Rock.

Cebu Philippines Photos Camotes Island Mangodlong Rock
Some of the cottages at the resort. There are spots here where you can dive into the water!

Cebu Philippines Photos Camotes Island Tulang Diot
At Tulang Diot. A smaller island in Camotes with white sand beaches and clear waters. We hired a small motorized banca to reach this. It only took us around 5-10 minutes.

Cebu Philippines Photos Camotes Island Lake Danao
The water at Lake Danao. There are several water-activities that you can do here including Kayaking and Crocodile Ride. (Don’t worry it’s not an actual crocodile. Just a small boat shaped like one! 😉 )

Cebu Philippines Photos Camotes Island Santiago Bay
Santiago Bay’s famous long stretch of white sand. On peak seasons, expect plenty of tourists here.

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So, there you have it. Some of the amazing spots that you can see in Cebu.

True, there are still a lot of sites that even I need to see. Nevertheless, we’ll take it slow and steady.

So, need more convincing? You may also want to check out my previous post on amazing Cebu City Photos here!

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