Travel time can differ depending on your destination. If you are preparing for a long flight, our long haul flight tips may just be what you are looking for! Read on…

Going somewhere far which would take around fifteen or twenty hours of flight? Do you think you can survive?

Well, just think of what awaits for you when you get to your destination. Long flights are actually tiresome if you keep on worrying about it and if you kept on thinking of the long hours inside an airplane.

So, if I were you, prepare for the flight and think happy thoughts.

First is you need to choose a good seat where you think you will feel more comfortable prior to the flight and then bring with you important things which we will mention below.

Also, do not keep on muttering about the length of time being on the plane. Instead, keep yourself busy and entertained during the flight.

There are still other things that you can do to have a good flight no matter how long it is. Read on the long haul flight tips below so you will know what you can do during these times.

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1. Prepare what you need for sleeping.

Prepare what you need for sleeping

For sure, you would be sleeping during the trip.

Sleeping would be more comfortable if you bring with you a neck pillow, eye mask, earplugs or noise-canceling headphones. You can also bring sleeping aids like melatonin or other drugs but be sure that it is right for you.

Do not be taking in whatever drugs because it might turn out to be a stimulant instead of a sleep aid.

2. Bring some snacks.

Bring some snacks

For long haul flights, see to it that you will be bringing some snacks and food with you. Although, you can get them on the plane too but it would be wiser to bring some for you.

Bring snacks that are packed and would be allowed on the plane. Bringing your own food will also ensure you that you are eating something that will not only suit your taste but will also give you the nutrition you need.

3. Entertain yourself.

Entertain yourself

Another effective long haul flight tip is to keep yourself entertained. And of course, there are many ways to keep yourself entertained while on travel.

Bring with you a head phone so you can listen to music or you can also watch movies using your laptop.

Reading can also be a good way of entertaining yourself. Bring a kindle where you have stored many books you want to read.

4. Minimize carry-on luggage.

Roll it

Lessen the hassle by minimising your carry-on luggage. This way, you won’t have much stuff to attend to. Also, it would be easier to find a place to keep it in the overhead bin or under your chair.

5. Stretch your muscles.

Stretch your muscles

Stretch your muscles once in a while when on long haul flights. You can stretch while sitting. You can also stand up.

There are planes that have spaces at the back area. Take a walk and do a little stretching.

This way, you won’t feel body pain due to lack of movement. There are video exercises during the flight.

You can join the activity so you can stretch. This is important to help with body circulation and reduce fatigue.

6. Avoid dehydration.

Avoid dehydration

Bring some water or other liquids with you since the air in the airplane is very dry. But you can only get these after you passed security check.

There is water available on the plane which you can ask from the flight attendant. It is still better to have your own bottle so you can drink whenever you want to without waiting for the flight attendant.

Aside from drinking water, you can also apply eye drops if your eyes feel dry, saline nasal gel for your nose and you can also bring lip balm or petroleum jelly to avoid cracking lips. And don’t forget to bring your lotion or skin moisturisers.

7. Bring medicines you need.

Bring medicines you need

Just in case you will need it, you have to be ready with over the counter medicines. You can get whatever medicines that you need in case you’ll get a headache, stomach ache, muscle pain and others.

8. Keep yourself busy.

Keep yourself busy

If you are feeling productive, another long flight tip is to keep yourself busy.

You can also do some work while on the plane. You will have all the time to work on presentations and others since no one will disturb you.

It is also a smart way of using your time and you will be productive even during travel. This is particularly great if you are on business travels to give you plenty of time to rest once you arrive at your destination.

9. Bring hygiene essentials.

Bring hygiene essentials

It would be better if you could freshen up whenever you want to. So, bring a toothbrush and a small facecloth or wet wipes.

You will feel a lot better after brushing your teeth and washing your face. You can also get a good nap after that. You should also bring lotion to prevent your skin from drying.

10. Call flight attendant for assistance.

Call flight attendant for assistance

If you need something, do not hesitate to ask for the help of flight attendants. It is better to ask for their help rather than do things on your own which you are unsure of.

If you feel uncomfortable, call the cabin crew for they know what to do.

Long haul flights are both tiring and exciting. It actually depends on how you handle long flights and what you do during the flight.

The above mentioned long haul flight tips will help you to have a better time travelling. This can also help you to have lesser body pains and be in good condition when you reach your destination.

We hope that these tips will help you on your next long flight. Look forward for more travel tips here in Osmiva!

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Travel Tips for Long Haul Flights. Survival guide on long flights. Things to do on Long Flights. Tips to make long haul flights bearable #longhaulflighttips #longhaulflightssurvivalguide #survivalguide #traveltips #longhaulflights #osmiva