For most of us, travelling is a way to leave the usual way of life we have while at home. As a matter of fact, some would consider it the perfect time to do whatever they want like trying new activities and even eating whatever they want. Most often, they forget to stay fit the entire time.

Does that sound familiar?

We have to admit it. We forget staying healthy and getting fit when we are away from home. The perfect excuse is the idea that “you are on vacation!”

But would you risk getting out of shape just because you are on vacation?

Your answer to that question is no doubt a big NO.

All of us want to stay fit and healthy especially during long trips. But could you really do that while you are on a getaway with the laid-back weather which makes you feel lazy? Could you really resist the delicious treats and junk food from food shops around you?

Of course you can! Aside from choosing the right food to eat, there are still many other things that you need to do in order to stay fit.

Do you want to know what these are?

Well, if you want to go back home with the same healthy body when you left, then scroll down and check out the tips we have prepared for you.

Tips to Stay Fit While on Long Term Travel

Eat a healthy breakfast.

Stay Fit Long Term Travel: Eat a healthy breakfast

One way to stay fit is by bringing with you non-perishable snacks like oatmeals. You can prepare this using the hotel room’s coffee maker. Or you can ask for hot water (other hotels charge for this). Try eating fresh fruits, sugar free yogurt, whole grains, and fresh fruit juice. Avoid eating too much food from restaurants that are overloaded with calories.

Yes, you can cheat while on vacation but see to it that you will eat more healthy food. If not, you might end up ruining your diet and you will not be able to maintain your body’s good condition.

Buy your groceries.

Buy your groceries

Make it a habit to hit the grocery store before you go to the hotel. Nope. You are not there to buy a bottle of tequiela or some chocolates. You need to buy some healthy food that you can eat while in your room.

Buy fresh fruits, yogurt, and fresh vegetables like cucumber and carrots. You can stock this in the refrigerator of your hotel room. You can even make your own salad too! When you prepare your own food, you lessen the possible negative effects of “vacation snacking.”

Drink plenty of water.

Stay Fit Long Term Travel: Drink plenty of water

Instead of drinking too much coffee, it would be better if you drink lots and lots of water to keep you hydrated all day. Make it a goal to drink water within the first hour of waking up.

Tip: Buy some lemons so you can infuse your water overnight. This would be a healthy drink in the morning! Or you can merely squeeze 1 or 2 lemons into a warm water. It helps with digestion and helps to alkalize your body.

Bring sneakers.

Stay Fit Long Term Travel: Bring sneakers

For sure you won’t be doing workouts while wearing slippers. Look for a lightweight sneakers and pack them. Use them when you walk around the place and when you decide to jog or run. Sneakers will keep you protected and ready to move around.

Pack workout tools.

Stay Fit Long Term Travel: Pack workout tools

You will be encouraged to workout and stay fit if you bring with you some workout tools. Of course, do not bring the big ones! Just bring those that are lightweight and easy to pack like a jump rope, a resistance band, and a heart rate monitor.


Stay Fit Long Term Travel: Walk

See if you can walk instead of taking a ride to your next destination. You will get a good look at the place you are visiting if you walk to go to different places. But do not forget to bring your map with you or use Google maps so you can be guided.

Tips: Try asking the hotel staff is there are nearby parks or shops or other places that you can visit without a need to ride a car or hire a cab.

Use the hotel’s fitness center.

Stay Fit Long Term Travel: Use the hotel's fitness center

There is a reason why hotels have their own fitness center. They also want their guest to get and stay fit! With this, you can actually work out while on vacation. But if you do not have time to go there, then do a 5-minute workout using your jumping rope, resistant bands and heart rate monitor.

Wake up early.

Stay Fit Long Term Travel: Wake up early

You will have time to exercise if you wake up early. Try to get up 30 minutes before you normally do so you have time to workout. In the end, you will benefit from it since working out will give you more energy. It sure is a perfect way to start the day right!

Do weight training or meditation.

Stay Fit Long Term Travel: Do weight training or meditation

You do not need a weight room in order to do weight training. You can even use your backpack as weight. You can wear it while you do pushups, squats and others.

If you do not want to do that, then try seated meditation. Just sit comfortably while closing your eyes and focus on your breath. Start with 5 minutes daily and increase that up to 20 minutes. Doing this will give you a better sleep, more control over your emotions and you will feel less agitated.

Get enough sleep.

Stay Fit Long Term Travel: Get enough sleep

Others think that just because they are on vacation, they can sleep late to enjoy the moment. But you will actually enjoy more if you get enough sleep. You will also feel more energized the next day if you had a good sleep.

So there you have it! If you follow these tips, you will not just stay fit while on vacation but you will also enjoy it more since you are in a good mood. But in case you cannot do your usual workout routine, that is okay. Don’t be too hard on yourself! A 5-minute or 10-minute workout will do and don’t forget to eat healthy food. Above all, make sure you still enjoy yourself while taking care of your body!
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How to Stay Fit on Long Term Travel. Tips on staying fit while traveling for a long time. Health tips for travelers to remember when trying to stay fit. #traveltips #stayingfit #healthytravel #longtermtravel How to Stay Fit on Long Term Travel. Tips on staying fit while traveling for a long time. Health tips for travelers to remember when trying to stay fit. #traveltips #stayingfit #healthytravel #longtermtravel

How to Stay Fit on Long Term Travel. Tips on staying fit while traveling for a long time. Health tips for travelers to remember when trying to stay fit. #traveltips #stayingfit #healthytravel #longtermtravel