Kids can be hard sometimes especially if what they really want are not being given or if they have tantrums and they are on a bad mood. But kids are kids! We still love them and enjoy their company no matter how hard they can be sometimes. In their young age, they have little experiences compared to us. It is important that you help make every experience memorable that would aid for their learning too. Travelling is a good way for them to see and learn new things. But you might worry about their tantrums and the kids being hard to deal with sometimes.

That is why travelling with kids is a challenge. We have to make sure that they won’t mess up the fun getaway. We also have to see to it that they are in good condition and that they have fun during the trip. This way, you are not just saving your trip but you are also helping the kids get the most of their travel experience. Here are 10 tips for travelling with kids in mind:

1. Involve your kids during planning.

Involve your kids during planning

While planning for a vacation, you can ask your kids what they want. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to follow everything they want. You only have to look into what your kids are looking forward to for a vacation. But you might also be surprised that your kids can actually give you great ideas for your trip. When you are planning, see to it that you always consider your kids. Limit your activities and be flexible with it too.

2. Pack as light as possible.

Pack as light as possible

Remember that you will be bringing your kids with you. So, do not pack so many stuff that would give you a heavy luggage. If this happens, you will find it hard to bring your kid and your stuffs. Pack only items that are very necessary and try to get other items to the place you are going.

3. Do not forget the medicines.

Do not forget the medicines

We are not saying that your kids will get sick during the trip but you have to be prepared for it. There are instances that sudden sickness may occur like aching stomachs or aching heads due to travel. Having their medicines with you will immediately heal your kids. You wouldn’t want your kids to be in pain or in bad condition while on a travel because that also means all of you will miss the fun.

4. Bring appropriate clothing.

Bring appropriate clothing

You are fully aware of the weather in the area you will be going. Also, anticipate cold and warm ambiance even during the trip. Hence, you have to prepare your kid’s clothing that is appropriate for the weather and temperature. Make sure that your kids will feel comfortable during the trip especially if you have a baby with you.

5. Bring toys and books.

Bring toys and books

You can bring some toys and books with you especially if your kid has a favorite toy or book. But make sure not to bring too many of them. One toy and book will do. But if you have an iPad that would lessen your luggage for you won’t need to bring a book. Instead, you can download some digital story books and let your kids read it during the trip.

6. Use technology for entertainment.

Use technology for entertainment

There are different gadgets that your kids can use. Some of them like PlayStation Portable (PSP) are intended for playing games. You can also let your kids play games, read or watch movies on your iPad. Technology is your friend in making sure that your kids don’t get bored during the travel. Kids tend to be on a bad mood if they feel bored. That is why, you’ve got to plan in advance on what you can do to keep your kid entertained.

7. Bring only one carry-on.

Bring only one carry-on

Do not be bringing too much stuff and do not bring many bags with you. Have only one carry-on bag. This will help you to be at ease while keeping an eye on your kids. This can especially be an advantage for you if you are carrying a baby with you. One carry-on bag will contain the essential things you need for your kids and also for you. You will need wet wipes, extra shirts, diapers (if you have a baby) and others depending on what your kids really need anytime. Try to tuck in some snacks too.

8. Go to places that kids can enjoy.

Go to places that kids can enjoy

Since you have involved your kids in the planning, for sure you will be able to choose places where your kids can enjoy. It shouldn’t be just any place. You have to check each place that you plan to go to make sure that it allows kids and it is safe for kids. You can also research different spots in your destination that would be interesting for your kids and for you as well. Do not forget to include restaurants in your research so you already have an idea where to eat. And again, see to it that they have food that your kids eat.

9. Do enjoyable activities.

Do enjoyable activities

Aside from going to places that your kids will enjoy, have some activities that they will love to do. Activities vary depending on the places you go. You can also consult your kids on the activities they want to do. If you are still in the plane or in the car or in any vehicle, you can also do some activities and games. Some parents let their kids create a journal for the trip. You can also do the same. A scrapbook can also be a good idea. This way, your kids will have a great time trying to accomplish something.

10. Enough food and rest is necessary.

Enough food and rest is necessary

The last thing you want to have is a kid in a bad mood. So, make sure that they get enough food and rest especially if you will have a long flight. Let them get enough sleep too. This is a must not just during travel but even when you get to your destination.

Travelling with the kids can be both fun and challenging. But the key is, you merely need to plan everything while considering them. If you do that, you will not have trouble and your kids will also have a good time. Remember that this isn’t just about your kid’s mood and enjoyment but this is also about family bonding and rare experiences for them. Make sure that your trip will be memorable for your kids so that they will still remember it even when they get older.

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Planning Tips. Traveling with Kids. Family Travel. Family Travel Tips. Travel Tips.#traveltips #familytravel #kidstravel #osmiva

Planning Tips. Traveling with Kids. Family Travel. Family Travel Tips. Travel Tips.#traveltips #familytravel #kidstravel #osmiva